Will I get a job after GenSpark? An overview of the tech company’s job results

We’ve heard the story all too often. One goes to college, pays thousands of dollars for their education (possibly even debt), and graduates with a degree and high hopes for a brighter future. While some successfully land their dream job, others are not so lucky.

Specifically, Statista reports that as of December 2021, 41.3 percent of college graduates in the U.S. were out of work or in jobs that had little to do with their field of study. When you factor in the associated cost of earning a degree, the return on investment can be quite daunting.

For any student, employment is the main goal to enroll in a university or other learning program. The problem is that in their job search they often have to sink or swim with not enough skills to find a meaningful job.

GenSpark mitigates this challenge by offering students job-oriented and paid training in addition to access to employer partners. In this article, we’ll explore how successful it has been in delivering on its promise.

GenSpark can be the right path to transform you into a technical professional and connect you to career opportunities.

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GenSpark job results: success in numbers

GenSpark is an industry recognized business platform with over 25 years of industry experience training technical talent and linking them to career opportunities with its 200+ recruiting partners. Data from GenSpark job results shows that 90 percent of GenSparkers landed a job with GenSpark employers after training.

Those who landed entry-level jobs report an average salary of $50,000, with a figure rising to $60,000 to $100,000 after the first two years. GenSparkers who had previous experience reportedly earn an average of $75,000.

Half of GenSparkers land jobs for software developers, specializing in software development for Java, mainframe, .NET and Android. Twenty percent of GenSparkers are venturing into infrastructure development such as DevOps and cybersecurity. Another 20 percent will become platform developers using AWS, Oracle, ServiceNow and Salesforce. And 10 percent secure functional roles such as Scrum master, data analyst, sales representatives, and recruiting professionals.

All positions are full-time, with all GenSparkers receiving ongoing training and support from GenSpark throughout their placement.

How GenSpark can help you find a job in tech

An infographic with GenSparkers ratings

GenSpark’s industry-focused curriculum offers 20+ career paths for Java, AWS, DevOps, and more. In addition, the full-time instructors, hands-on coding approach, and technical training equip GenSparkers with in-demand skills and a real learning experience to prepare them for their future roles.

After the training program has been completed, you will work with GenSpark’s employer partners for one to two years. This is a launch pad for your next job, which can pay you between $60,000 and $100,000. Hear from four GenSpark graduates: Liz, Matthew, Nicklaus and Peter.

Reviews from GenSpark participants

Liz Blankinship

After graduating from college, Liz Blankinship struggled to find a job because she didn’t have the work experience needed to get a job. Liz’s story soon changed forever when she joined GenSpark.

“Through the training, I learned .NET, using visual studio, and Microsoft SQL Server. After the training, GenSpark set up a conversation with their client and thanks to my weeks of preparation and training, I was hired as a full-time employee. I don’t think I would have been introduced to my field without GenSpark. I recommend GenSpark to all my classmates who are still looking for their dream career in IT,” explains Liz.

Matthew Gibson

Matthew Gibson, like Liz, also struggled to find a job after graduating from college. But after training at GenSpark, he went from a thankless job search to a technical role.

“I’ve always heard that your first job search is the hardest because you have the least experience with it,” he says. “Signing up to GenSpark gave me much-needed peace of mind by securing a job quickly,” says Matthew.

With the help of GenSpark, Matthew currently works as an associate developer, building unique solutions for businesses.

Nicklaus Krems

Nicklaus Krems, a GenSpark alumnus, was unable to get a technology breakthrough after several unsuccessful applications and interviews. The dream of building a tech career turned bleak, but this quickly changed with GenSpark.

“GenSpark really helped relieve the stress of my situation. They gave me the time, support and direction I needed to improve myself by learning new skills. During this time, GenSpark was busy getting in touch with companies and arranging interviews. I could focus on myself instead of applying to dozens of positions hoping to get a response.”

Nicklaus’ story took a new turn with GenSpark, where he learned to code and came into contact with job openings. Currently Nicklaus works full time as a guide wire developer.

Peter Okeke

Breaking into technology is a passion for GenSparker Peter Okeke, who made the transition from banking to IT. He found the process seamless, gaining additional technical skills and getting the career break he needed.

“Their mentorship continued after I completed my education. They prepared me for interviews and referred me to companies for a job. Kudos to GenSpark! I currently work at one of these companies, a top IT consultancy, as a functional IT consultant,” says Peter.

Want to hear more about how GenSpark has helped career starters and working professionals break into technology? Read more GenSpark success stories here.

Why do employers hire from GenSpark?

GenSpark doesn’t stop at transforming technical talent into business-ready professionals. It also helps employers find the right person for them. Upon completion of the GenSpark program, employers know that the talent is prepared and trained to join their organization.

They work closely with GenSpark to tailor the training curriculum to their needs, and they often participate in training so they can hire GenSpark graduates with confidence. Example: More than 25 employers regularly rent from GenSpark.

Below are some testimonials from professionals in two Fortune 500 companies.

“A few years ago, we reached out to GenSpark to help with our ongoing talent strategy and to help us bring emerging talent into our IT division,” said an HR director at a top airline.

“They jumped right into action and provided us with the right talent based on our specific needs. It was a seamless exercise and we were very successful in hiring and hiring the professional they recommended. We received significant positive feedback from our leaders about GenSpark and the talent they introduced to us.”

A business executive of a global service and consultancy firm shares the same sentiment about GenSparkers.

“Manuel from GenSpark is a new addition to my Big Data/Analytics team. After a few rounds of interviewing, our clients agreed to take him on board, given his willingness to learn and the aptitude he showed,” he said.

“It’s been over two months since he joined the club, he has shown good progress so far. There was some delay in onboarding him due to background check processes, but I appreciate the flexibility of the GenSpark team to to help us enter a new era.”

Boost your career with GenSpark

GenSpark’s job results prove why the tech company is the way to go for aspiring tech professionals. Here’s GenSpark’s three-step formula to boost your career.

  • Apply to GenSpark and choose from over 20 career paths with industry-rich training and curriculum.
  • Get hands-on training from experienced instructors.
  • Get hired and start your career with one of GenSpark’s clients.

Take the first step today. Join GenSpark!

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