Top new trends in social media for the future

Social media trends are often hard to ignore. With the rapid growth of social platforms, almost half of the world uses social media. Nowadays, well-known social media apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are becoming the favorite apps and websites of many people.

Brands try to connect with digital communities in a variety of ways. However, there are still barriers to overcome when it comes to the challenges of navigating and using social media. The first step in harnessing the true power of social media is understanding current trends. Below you can learn more about the top social media trends that are set to change the future of the industry.

What is social media?

Social media is a very broad term that can encompass social networks, platforms, applications, media and other outlets. On social media, users share their interests, news and ideas. They may also create links and connections with other users who share their interests and goals.

The content generated in social networks comes from its own community and this is what distinguishes it from traditional media. All this is possible thanks to Web 2.0, which enables interaction and content creation.

What is the current state of social media?

According to Statista, 2019 survey results show that more than 70 percent of adults in the US use at least one social platform. In addition, the use of social media is only growing with the current pandemic. Every major social platform saw an increase in monthly user activity from 2019 to 2021.

Social media plays a fundamental role for brands of all sizes today as they are driven to cultivate a strong social media presence. Using social media strategies and user-generated content, brands can promote their products through social media. In today’s business world, the influence of social media should not be underestimated.

Top Social Media Challenges

Social media networks continue to face a number of challenges. Active users on social media platforms are raising concerns about privacy and security risks, as well as the type of content shared on these platforms. Below are some of the main challenges that users face.

  • Access for people with disabilities: People with hearing or vision impairments have the right to access electronic information technologies. However, it has been a challenge for social networks to make their services accessible to people with disabilities.
  • privacy: Since social networks are public platforms, it can be easy to access user information, which is a major problem that continues to arise.
  • Safety: Social media sites threaten users’ personal information, as well as other important data. One of the main concerns is a potential breach of this data.
  • Ethical Issues: Social media content can be very problematic as social network users can upload any content including fake news. Therefore, safeguarding ethics at the individual level remains a societal challenge for large companies.
  • Cyberbullying: Unfortunately, social media platforms are a breeding ground for people to threaten, humiliate and harass others. Think of online racism, in addition to other forms of cyberbullying. While these attacks may be illegal if they target children under the age of 18, cyberbullying is a major problem across all social networks.

What are some future trends in social media?

Social media trends have evolved a lot since the start of the global pandemic.

Online communities follow key trends as they populate social media channels. Major platforms, from TikTok to Instagram, are currently following the same trends, guided by the needs and interests of social media users. Check out some of the future trends on social media below.

Short videos

Due to the popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, short videos will remain more relevant than long videos. More and more brands and content creators are using video to drive engagement. Creative content, tutorials and fun transitions are some of the new trends within this format.

Why is this trend important?

Short videos can drive sales and growth for a brand or content creator. Social media platforms are increasingly joining the trend of video content. Brands use it to connect with their audience and showcase their products in creative ways.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are technologies that will be the future of social networks. Currently, augmented reality is used for filters on Instagram and Snapchat, which are very popular. On the other hand, virtual reality is still in the early stages of development. Nevertheless, it can be seen in products such as Meta’s Oculus.

Why is this trend important?

Thanks to augmented reality, the visual content of social networks has improved. Photo filters are often used on Instagram Stories because they have the ability to add digital objects to reality. Brands have also taken advantage of this trend to improve the shopping experience for their customers, who can virtually try out their products beforehand.

Customer service

Social channels currently also act as social customer care channels, allowing users to interact with brands through their social networks. Digital channels will receive the most customer service requests from society in the coming years.

Why is this trend important?

The way brands interact with their customers on their social networks in front of other users can have good or bad consequences, depending on how the company handles communication. Currently, many users contact brands through their social networks to resolve issues or complaints.

Audio content

Since the launch of Clubhouse in 2020, the popularity of audio content has grown significantly. Facebook decided to launch Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts, while Twitter launched its social audio platform Twitter Spaces. Due to the popularity of this trend, brands have invested in this type of content.

Why is this trend important?

Social audio content allows one or more people to interact with a large audience. Live audio broadcasting seems to be the option that companies will embrace to participate in these platforms. This form of media helps build brand trust and connect with potential customers.

Shopping on social networks

Consumers researching products on social media and being able to buy directly from the platforms are now commonplace and will continue to grow. Social shopping has exploded during the pandemic, especially on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Why is this trend important?

Social commerce is a growing industry. In-app shopping solutions are a way for brands to deliver a great customer experience. Shoppable posts and social advertising are some of the ways brands are using this trend to position themselves for success.

Essential Social Media Skills for Today’s Professionals

The social media landscape is very diverse. Therefore, professionals need to acquire other skills. The skills below will help them meet the expectations of digital communities and business leaders.

  • Communication skills: Communication skills help social media professionals interact with their audience. It also helps them meet the demand for customer service and customer feedback on social platforms, as well as communicate with their team and managers.
  • writing skills: A social media manager must have writing skills and be a good copywriter. Captions for social media posts should be written in an engaging way to grab users’ attention and encourage action.
  • Organizational skills: A social media marketing strategy must be carefully developed to get the expected results. So there is a lot of organization and meticulous work involved. A professional with organizational skills can prioritize and plan their tasks, which is important.
  • Digital Marketing Skills: The process of social media marketing aims to integrate a brand’s sales with customer experiences. This is why companies should set a social media goal that aligns with their company profile and a content strategy that can include influencer marketing. In addition, other forms of digital marketing also need to be developed.
  • creativity: Creativity for social media experts is essential to create innovative campaigns and interesting, valuable and aesthetic content. This allows the personality of a brand to be shown.

Current trends in social media: take the next step in your career

Social media trends have adapted to the changes society has undergone in recent times. These trends are evolving quickly and what was popular yesterday is no longer popular today. For social media marketers, it is necessary to predict which trends will persist and to develop their marketing strategies accordingly. With this, they will have to make a concentrated effort to learn more about social media.

Since people spend a lot of time on social networks, it is necessary to develop strategies to connect with target groups. Therefore, keep an eye on the most relevant trends and implement them. To do this, make sure you engage a diverse audience on social media platforms and keep an eye on what’s trending.

Trends in Social Media FAQs

What’s trending on social media?

Right now, the biggest trend in social media is the short video content that can be seen on Instagram Reels and TikTok. This format allows users to share short and creative videos. This is a great way for brands and individual users to reach a large audience.

What are some examples of societal trends?

The social media trends of 2022 are short videos, augmented reality, customer service, audio content and the ability to buy products directly on social networks.

What are the latest Instagram trends?

The latest trends on Instagram are short vertical videos, which are called Reels on the platform. Another popular trend is augmented reality, with which filters are developed. These filters add digital objects, such as makeup, hats, or glasses, to people’s faces. Filters are very popular in both Reels and Instagram Stories.

Why is social media the new trend in communication?

Due to the great relevance of social networks today, communication has evolved. Today, brands and their consumers communicate in the same space, helping them gain the trust and engagement of their consumers. Since many users are already on social media, brands have created customer service accounts on the platforms to increase accessibility.

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