The Only List of Best UX Newsletters You’ll Ever Need

Are you a digital designer who is curious about the latest design trends? Or maybe you design blogs and are looking for advanced design knowledge to keep your work up to date. Regardless of where you are in the UX design career path, you can always find a wealth of information available in the best UX newsletters.

The best UX newsletters offer many benefits, including opportunities to learn about the latest products, trends, and tips for developing your design skills. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best UX newsletters in 2022 and learn more about what they offer aspiring and experienced UX designers.

List of Best UX Newsletters

Newsletter Curator/Distributor Scheme Contents
Arches world Paul Boag Biweekly User Experience Design, UX Building Products, Design Articles
Close Discovery Kai Bracho Weekly Digital Thinking, Web Design Tips, Graphics, UX/UI Design
Interactive Design Foundation Mads Soegaard Weekly Educational Materials, Design Books, Resources
Responsive Web Design (RWD) Justin Avery Weekly Tips for responsive website design, development, articles, resources, patterns, podcasts
sidebar Sacha Sadness Weekly AI, AMAs, Adobe XD Tutorials, Modern Trends, UI Case Studies, Career Development
Smashing Magazine Sven Lennartz and Vitaly Friedman bimonthly Content Marketing Tips, UX Research, Comprehensive Product Design Guides, WordPress Plugins, JavaScript Debugging.
UX beginner Oz Chen Weekly User Experience News, UX Design Articles, Training
UX Corporate Accessibility David A. Kennedy Weekly (every Monday) Curated list of articles on user experience, visuals, product design, etc.
Weekly UX Design Kenny Chen Weekly UX News, UX Ideas, Adobe Tutorials
Weekly web design Jake Bresnehan Weekly Web design news, tutorials, podcasts, research links, tools

The Biggest UX Newsletters, Explained

Arches world

Paul Boag is a UX designer who relies on his 27 years of personal experience to provide valuable insights on UX design and many other topics. Topics covered in the Boagworld newsletter include user experience design, UX building products and relevant design articles.

Close Discovery

In Dense Discovery, the emphasis goes beyond digital design to sustainability and ethics, but any UX or web design expert will have plenty to enjoy. Each issue features four new applications and sites, a Q&A with technical suggestions, and two book selections. It also includes beautiful photography, graphic design, and typography.

Interactive Design Foundation

As a leading online design school, Interactive Design Foundation (IDF) is also known for its high-quality weekly educational materials. With over 286,264 subscribers, the weekly IDF newsletter offers a wide variety of resources and tutorials on every aspect of the UX design process, including digital thinking, web design and development, and mobile app design.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Curated by Justin Avery, RWD is a weekly newsletter featuring the web’s best content on topics related to responsive design. Every Friday, readers get to see what’s new in the world of responsive design and how it can be applied to their work. Avery also hosts interviews with leading industry experts and provides actionable tips for implementing responsive design into your workflow.

Smashing Magazine

For a well-rounded source of information from the design industry, Smashing Magazine offers articles on a range of topics, including modern design patterns, user interfaces, and WordPress plugins. The team behind this bimonthly newsletter ensures that subscribers receive useful design tips and tricks in addition to their regular dose of inspiration.


Lovers of digital design and a good eye for management will love this option. Designer and developer Sacha Greif has been delivering the design newsletter Sidebar for the past 10 years. Sidebar is a daily quick-hit survey of five interesting design-related article links. The newsletter covers digital typography, accessibility, color theory, CSS and all other facets of design.

UX beginner

This weekly newsletter from Oz Chen is an important resource for over 7,000 budding UX designers or those transitioning into UX design. Chen also transitioned from a non-design career to a job in UX. The newsletter is packed with news and updates from the UX industry, as well as training to help readers aspiring to become UX designers supplement their UX skills.

UX Corporate Accessibility

To stay up to date with the latest trends in the user experience community, sign up for the UX Collective Accessibility newsletter. The weekly mailing list curated by David A. Kennedy covers everything from the latest accessibility research and resources to new developments in the field.

Weekly UX Design

With over 35,000 subscribers, as of that week, the UX Design Weekly newsletter is a major source of top UX links across the industry. These links, curated by Kenny Chen, provide a wealth of information on a range of UX-related topics, providing a broad view of the industry as a whole.

Weekly web design

As one of the best newsletters for designers, Web Design Weekly is a great source of inspiration. The newsletter features podcasts and research links alongside tools, job openings and inspiration from industry experts. With different content every week, it’s a great place to keep up to date with the latest web design news.

  • cohesion. Consistency is one of the most important aspects of any popular UX newsletter. Rolling out a regular, timely newsletter with up-to-date links and content is important for subscribers to keep them updated on industry news and trends.
  • High quality content. A newsletter with quality content gives users something to look forward to every time they open an email. Moreover, high quality content attracts more people to subscribe to the newsletter. High-quality content includes insights from industry leaders and recent research in the field.
  • Engaging content. With their interactive and engaging content, popular newsletters attract more subscribers. Nobody wants to read boring content about UX design or visual design every week. This is especially important for UX newsletters, as the field itself is based on creating enticing design.

Should I look beyond the biggest UX newsletters?

Yes, you need to look beyond the largest UX newsletters, as many smaller newsletters also deliver high-quality content. Some of them even focus on specific topics such as UI/UX design, front-end development, and mobile app development. These newsletters are less well known but just as valuable as the big ones.

  • They are more personal. The biggest problem with the more popular newsletters is that they tend to cover too much ground. This means that there is no personal touch to the content. With smaller newsletters you can expect a more personalized approach.
  • They relate to specific topics. Some newsletters specialize in certain areas, such as UI/UX design, digital typography, or responsiveness. If you are looking for information on these topics, these newsletters are perfect for you.
  • Possibility of involvement† Smaller newsletters may provide the opportunity to interact with the creator and request the type of content you would like to see, within the focus of the newsletter. Smaller newsletters typically want to boost readership and use engagement with their subscriber base to do this.

Are the Biggest UX Newsletters Necessarily Better?

No, the biggest UX newsletters aren’t necessarily better, but they do offer a lot of value that you won’t get anywhere else. The largest newsletters offer consistent content and engagement. However, they are not suitable for everyone. For more niche interests, it will be of more value to you to subscribe to a smaller UX email newsletter that covers that topic in depth.

UX Newsletter FAQ

What is the future of UX design?

The future of UX design will include some of the major trends in technology such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality. With these evolving technologies, the user experience will evolve, and the UX industry is creating innovative applications for its human-centric design through the effective use of storytelling and empathy.

Will AI Replace UX Designers?

No, AI will not replace UX designers. While AI offers many benefits, including increased productivity and efficiency, it cannot take over the role of human interaction. In fact, humans and AI work together to make better products. Strong UX design can influence a person’s emotions in a way, which humans can predict better than AI at this point.

Which newsletters should designers and developers subscribe to?

To keep a close eye on key industry trends and news, designers should subscribe to email newsletters such as Boagworld, Dense Discovery, Interactive Design Foundation, and UX Design Weekly. These top newsletters feature industry-leading news and insights into various aspects of the field, including accessibility and responsiveness, UX products, and mobile app design.

How do I sign up for a UX newsletter?

You can subscribe to UX newsletters via email subscription forms or RSS feeds. Most newsletters offer both options. Visit the website to learn how to subscribe to a particular UX newsletter. The website often includes a page or area where you can enter your email address to subscribe.

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