The Best SAT Prep Books and Guides of 2022

Getting into your dream college program requires a series of educational and extracurricular achievements, not least your SAT scores. We’re here to help you get a near-perfect score with the best SAT prep books. These resources can help you make an optimal college application and impress your college board with excellent SAT scores.

Read on to find paid and free SAT books and online resources to help you reach your target score. Our best comprehensive book picks offer practice tests, study materials, explanations of answers, and tips for creating tests. Read on to also learn about all the SAT sections and how to get admitted into your undergraduate degree.

Should I take the SAT?

Yes, you must take the SAT if you want to impress the college board of your dream university and get accepted into your preferred program. While the SAT mandate and scoring requirements vary by school, a good score can increase your chances of attending college or university regardless of college acceptance rate.

Several universities have removed their SAT requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the College Board SAT report, approximately 1.5 million students took the SAT in 2021, compared to 2.2 million students in 2020. If you sign up for test-optional colleges, you don’t have to take the exam. If you plan to do the SAT, make sure you have a study schedule set up well in advance.

Common SAT Sections You Should Prepare for

  • Math questions. The format for the SAT includes three primary sections. The Mathematics section covers advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, linear functions, and other intermediate and fundamental concepts. You can prepare for this section with online practice exams and SAT math preparation books.
  • Evidence-based reading. The second part of the SAT consists of a reading test. You will be tested on your vocabulary and reading skills. This falls under the English sections of the actual exam and demonstrates your understanding of the basic concepts surrounding evidence-based content analysis. Students should brush up on their English grammar, comprehension, and content assessment skills to improve this section.
  • English grammar and writing. The English sections of the SAT also include a writing style test that addresses grammar and comprehension questions. To best prepare for this section, students should have access to practice materials that include a grammar review and information about the writing sections and tricky wording.
  • Optional essay section. The SAT also includes an optional essay writing section. This section requires test takers to write an essay that ranges from 650 to 750 words. This section tests critical thinking, creative approach, argumentative skills and comprehension. You can practice with an essay writing preparatory book.
  • Prepare for the whole SAT. In addition to preparing individually for the English and Maths section, it is also vital to prepare for the entire test. You can use the College Board’s SAT Study Guide to find test-taking strategies, a math prep book, English prep books, and other resources.

The 10 Best SAT Prep Books To Get You Prepared

1. Kaplan SAT Prep Plus 2022

  • Best for: Students seeking detailed answer statements, tips on strategic approaches to test administration, and practice exercises.

The Kaplan Test Prep publication offers many popular standardized test prep materials. This SAT Prep Plus book is an excellent resource that covers five practice exams and testing strategies appropriate for the 2022 SAT. It also includes pre-quizzes and topic lessons for each section of the SAT. There are also in-depth questions about the math section and the English section.

2. PWN the SAT

  • Best for: Students who want official practice tests, test strategies and detailed explanations from beginner to advanced algebra and other mathematical concepts.

According to the College Board, the average SAT score in 2021 was 1060. A high SAT score increases the likelihood of college acceptance, and this book will help students improve their math score. It covers everything from algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and mathematical reasoning. A high score in math is great for STEM majors or students entering business.

3. The College Panda’s SAT Script

  • Best for: Students who want to practice extra for English grammar and writing skills.

If you need SAT prep books with real questions to practice and detailed explanations for the English writing section, this book is an excellent resource. It covers SAT grammar rules, data interpretation, superlatives, comparative numbers, and transition sentences. Improve your writing scores with this comprehensive guide.

4. KALLIS’s Redesigned SAT Pattern Strategy, 3rd Edition

  • Best for: Students who want a comprehensive overview of the SAT, lecture preparation advice, practice questions, and online score reports.

If you want extensive additional tests with basic strategies, KALLIS’s book is for you. You can also enroll in SAT prep classes for extra practice. This book covers a math section and an English session, and it provides detailed explanations for students to get an experience of the actual exam to prepare.

5. SAT Prep Black Book

  • Best for: Students looking for a recent edition of the SAT preparation book with practice quizzes, a practice test answer key, and high scoring tips.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive prep book with practice tests, score improvement tips, core concepts, and detailed topic coverage, this physical SAT prep book is an excellent resource. This SAT Prep Black Book provides tips for your SAT preparation approach and a question-and-answer key.

6. McGraw-Hill Education SAT Elite 2022

  • Best for: Students who want a McGraw-Hill SAT prep book with a comprehensive study guide and exercise sets.

McGraw-Hill Education publishes tons of renowned standardized test preparation courses. This SAT preparation book is best suited for students who want practice exercises, flashcards and practice quizzes to help pass their exams. The book also provides general strategies for creating tests and is an excellent resource providing important strategies for time management and answering techniques.

7. 10 Practice Tests for the SAT, 2022

  • Best for: Students looking for multiple full practice test questions and their answer keys.

This book is best suited for students who want to master their test-taking skills and revise their knowledge of the subject by developing comprehensive study plans. Among other additional materials, it provides 10 complete practice tests and answer keys for practice purposes.

8. 500 new SAT math problems by topic and difficulty

  • Best for: Students looking for a SAT math preparation guide with 500 sample questions and answers.

Get plenty of math exercises on mathematical reasoning, algebra, geometry, linear functions, trigonometry, and other math topics using this in-depth SAT math preparation book. It categorizes math problems by topic and difficulty and uses the College Board’s Official Guide to provide detailed information on practice questions.

9. Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep, 2022

  • Best for: Students who want a comprehensive topic overview, full practice questions, online tools, and score reports.

The Princeton Review offers tons of preparation material for the SAT and other standardized exams. This book covers all SAT topics and includes practice questions and answers. This comprehensive guide also includes an in-depth review of topics, practical strategies, multi-step problems and answers, and testing strategies to help you perform well on exam day.

10. The Critical Reader, Fourth Edition

  • Best for: Students looking for a preparation book that focuses on the reading portion of the SAT exam.

This SAT preparation book focuses on study plans for the reading and comprehension portion of the SAT. Students learn to brush up on their critical thinking, grammar, and data interpretation skills and pay attention to comprehension tips. Use this complete guide to strengthen reading and writing skills and take additional practice tests to pass the SAT.

Free SAT Books and Resources to Prepare

  • Kaplan: SAT preparation
  • Test Prep Review: SAT Practice Test Review
  • Khan Academy: SAT Test Preparation
  • Varsity Tutors: SAT Diagnostic Practice Tests
  • The Princeton Review: Free SAT Practice Tests and Events

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best SAT Prep Books

What Are The Best SAT Prep Books?

The best SAT study guides are the SAT Prep Black Book, the Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep 2022, and Kaplan SAT Prep Plus 2022.

What are some resources I can use for SAT preparation?

Resources you can use for SAT preparation include SAT preparation books, online components such as online tests, SAT preparation guides, and College Board SAT tips to help you prepare for the SAT. Kaplan Test Prep Plus, the Princeton Review, and McGraw-Hill Education provide excellent resources for time management and testing strategies.

What are the best publishers with the best SAT prep books?

The top publishers with the best SAT prep books are the Princeton Review, College Board, Kaplan, and McGraw-Hill Education.

Does Khan Academy offer SAT preparation resources?

Yes, Khan Academy provides SAT preparation resources. They include additional practice questions, detailed explanations of answers, comprehensive topics, and strategies for creating tests.

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