The Best Online College Preparation Courses for Credit in 2022

Many students go to great lengths to ensure their success in college. After all, college can be one of the most important stages in their lives. Many students believe that online college prep courses play an important role in ensuring college success.

These online college prep courses teach a wide variety of topics from developmental writing to advanced math. You can also take these online college prep courses for credit, which will lighten the burden of your college classes. If you are one of the students interested in college preparation, then this article is for you.

Why should I take an online credit preparation course?

Taking a college prep program or online prep course can ease the transition to a real college experience. These courses will teach you key concepts and subject basics required in college. You can even learn online from college professors to familiarize yourself with what it would be like on campus.

In addition to getting almost university courses, you can also earn credits. Earning college credits early will help with your workload later. While these preparatory courses are not necessary for college success, they can be a helping factor.

Top 10 Online Credit Preparation Courses

Course title provider Price
College Algebra and Problem Solving Arizona State University (via edX) $600 for credit, $49 for a certificate, free without credit and certificate
Art history I $79 Monthly Subscription
environmental science $79 Monthly Subscription
Introduction to Biology StraighterLine $99 for monthly StraighterLine subscription, $59 one-time payment for course access
Macroeconomics course online StraighterLine $99 for monthly StraighterLine subscription, $74 one-time payment for course access
Mathematics 114: Trigonometry University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign $832 for undergraduates and $980 for graduate students (course materials cost $81)
English 110: English composition University of North Dakota $370.08 per credit (3 credits)
Accounting Information Systems University of Phoenix $1,194 Fixed Tuition
introduction to psychology University of Phoenix $1,194 Fixed Tuition
Physical Geology University of Phoenix $1,194 Fixed Tuition

Best Online College Preparation Lessons and Courses: Explained

1. College Algebra and Problem Solving

In this course, students learn college-level algebra beforehand and earn credit at a fair price. They will learn several challenging topics in algebra such as algebraic reasoning, polynomial functions, and more. It is one of the best college-level courses students can take to prepare for basic math in college.

2. Art History I prepares students for college readiness through several college-level courses, including Art History I. In this course, students learn about art history in detail, from prehistory to the Renaissance. In addition to acquiring knowledge, students can also earn up to three semesters of credit through this online college preparation course.

3. Environmental Science

Another course is Environmental Science. Through Environment Science, students learn how to analyze environmental policies, problems, and solutions, among other sub-topics. Like the previous courses, enrollees receive up to three semesters of credit from the program. This course is an excellent option for students pursuing careers in environmental science.

4. Introduction to Biology

Introduction to Biology, offered by StraighterLine, helps prepare students for their study journey in a biology-related degree. It comes with three credit hours along with a free e-textbook. In this course package, students learn various biology topics, such as DNA structure, genetics and plant biology.

5. Macroeconomics course online

StraighterLine’s Macroeconomics course provides students with a comprehensive overview of economics. Students receive three credits and learn essential subjects such as fiscal and monetary policy, economics and market structures.

6. Mathematics 114: Trigonometry

Students earn two credits while learning trigonometry in this online course offered by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. This is one of the best online classes to take on your college preparation journey as it will provide you with essential math skills. Over 16 weeks, students learn about a variety of topics, such as inverse functions, oblique triangles, trigonometric functions, and degrees and radians.

7. English 110: English Composition

In addition to mathematics and social sciences, students also need to maintain their language and writing skills. This course, offered by the University of North Dakota, helps with that and awards three credits. This course equips students with the basics of writing and composition in college.

8. Accounting Information Systems

The Accounting Information Systems course is one of the college preparation opportunities offered by the University of Phoenix. Through the five-week course, students earn a total of three credit hours along with essential knowledge about accounting information systems. They cover topics such as fundamental concepts and technologies in the field, electronic commerce and intranets.

9. Introduction to Psychology

It is another online college prep option by the University of Phoenix. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of psychology, with an emphasis on research-based behavioral science. Students earn a total of three credit hours with this course.

10. Physical Geology

The Physical Geology course is also offered by the University of Phoenix and is excellent for those who want to one day launch their college career in a related field of science. Students learn about geological concepts and earn three credit hours through this course. Topics include plate tectonics, erosion systems, and historical geology.

Top 5 Free Online College Preparation Courses

  • Marketing Supplies | IIMB. In this free course offered by IIMB, students can learn all about the basics of marketing management theories. It is good for students who are planning to pursue a marketing degree.
  • Basics of Computing and Programming | NYU. If you are a student moving into computer engineering, computer science or a related field, this course is for you. This course teaches the basics of computing and programming using a popular programming language called Python.
  • Introduction to Networking | NYU. This computer science related course offered by NYU focuses on computer networking. This course allows university students to gain decent knowledge on fundamental topics in computer science.
  • precalculus | ASU. This is a credit-eligible course offered by Arizona State University, where students learn college-level precalculus. ASU allows students to take free courses and pay only if they want credits. Students can learn several math-heavy degrees through this precalculus course.
  • Introduction to Sociology | ASU. A free course eligible for credits by ASU. College-bound students planning to earn a degree in social sciences will find this course incredibly helpful. This course teaches students sociology and various sub-topics, such as social problems, social control and social systems. Students can pay a fee to earn college credits.

Are Online Prep College Courses Worth It?

Yes, online prep college courses are worth it even if you choose free prep courses that offer no credit. The experience and skills you learn in the process are just as valuable as credits. As long as you keep the right goals in mind, an online college prep course is always worth your while.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online College Preparation Courses

What are the best subjects to take an online prep course for?

The best topics to take an online prep course for are those that you are sure you will encounter in college. It ensures that your credit is used instead of wasted. The most common subjects in all degrees are Basic Mathematics, Basic History, Science and Literature related subjects.

Are Online Credit Preparation Courses Effective?

Yes, online credit preparation courses are effective and practical. Many students use them to gain knowledge and experience before entering university. An additional advantage of these preparatory courses is that they reduce the professional pressure later on.

Have most students taken online prep courses?

A high percentage of students have taken online preparatory courses. It familiarizes them with the courses they plan to take in college. It is also an affordable and effective way to learn.

Do colleges prefer students with online preparatory course experience?

There isn’t much evidence that colleges value students with online preparatory course experience any more. The main advantage is that they prepare you for college.

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