The Best Online College Nutrition Courses for Credit in 2022

Those with a passion for nutrition and nutritional science may find an ideal career in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Due to the wide availability of online college nutrition courses today it is much easier to obtain degrees in a more flexible environment, allowing prospective students to successfully combine work, private life and school.

The availability of online college nutrition courses for credit is not only beneficial for students pursuing an online degree in nutrition. It is also a great opportunity for students who want to take online nutrition classes to help people make better food choices and live healthier lives as a career.

Why should I take an online nutrition course for credit?

An online nutrition course for credit can help you meet a general requirement for a health care degree. It provides knowledge about the essential nutrients that the body needs. Full-time students in this introductory nutrition program can complete it in four to six weeks, although many can complete it in less than 30 days.

As an online student you will learn about nutrients and how the body uses them. Nutrition education courses also teach how nutrition affects a person’s health and how nutritional needs change at different stages of life. Discussions about how psychology, society, and one’s values ​​and beliefs influence food choices are also part of this course.

Top 10 Online Nutrition Courses For Credit

Course title provider Price
Diploma in Comprehensive Nutrition Huntington University of Health Sciences $4,770, one-time fee
Diploma in Sports Nutrition Huntington University of Health Sciences $4,770, one-time fee
Diploma in Women’s Nutrition Huntington University of Health Sciences $4,770, one-time fee
Introduction to Nutrition StraighterLine $59, plus $99 monthly membership fee
Nutrition 101: Science of Nutrition $199 per month
Health 101: Health Principles $199 per month
Introduction to Human Nutrition UCLA extension $705, one-time fee
Foundations of Nutrition I: Introduction to Nutritional Science UC San Diego Extension $395, one-time fee
Principles of human nutrition University of New England Online $1,140, ​​one-time fee
Nutrition Basics University of North Dakota $370.08 per credit

Best Online College Nutrition Lessons and Courses: Explained

1. Diploma in Comprehensive Nutrition

An excellent nutritional health program, this online program provides students with fundamental knowledge about individual and community nutrition. Take this course to help consumers lead a healthy lifestyle through better nutrition.

2. Diploma in Sports Nutrition

This program is designed for students who wish to pursue career opportunities in the food industry within sports nutrition. This program is designed for those with a passion for promoting nutritional wellness in sport. It provides guidance to a novice sports nutritionist or dietitian and provides sound clinical sports nutrition and wellness guidance.

3. Diploma in Women’s Nutrition

This program is for those with a passion for holistic nutrition for women and who want to work in women’s wellness centers or provide health education to women. It is intended to provide insight into nutritional issues and dietary habits specific to women. A career goal for this program could be a holistic nutritionist.

4. Introduction to Nutrition

This college nutrition course teaches the types of nutrients and how the body uses them. Students will also explore how nutrition and dietetics affect human health and how nutritional needs change at each stage of life. This course also discusses how psychology, community and community health, and even values ​​and beliefs affect a person’s way of eating.

5. Nutrition 101: Science of Nutrition

This for-credit course is worth three credits toward your college diploma and can be credited with education in nutrition at more than 2,000 colleges and universities. Students work at their own pace to master the nutrition fundamentals of this course, including food choices and sustainable food systems.

6. Health 101: Health Principles

This online nutrition course from addresses the topic of health as a whole by understanding how chronic disease is directly related to nutritional science. Students can earn three credit hours while learning about topics such as health and nutrition, fitness and weight, and the basics of environmental health.

7. Introduction to Human Nutrition

In this course, students get a background in the basics of nutrition and dietetics. It also explains the correlation between nutritional practices, health, disease and exercise performance. Another takeaway from this course is gaining practical knowledge about food labelling, reviewing literature and nutritional assessment.

8. Foundations of Nutrition I: Introduction to Nutritional Science

This online asynchronous course, another college credit course from the University of California San Diego Extension, grants online students three credits toward a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. They will learn about nutrition basics from industry experts, as well as delving into nutrition research, planning healthy food choices, and the food industry.

9. Principles of Human Nutrition

This is a three-credit online nutritional course that emphasizes the nutritional needs of healthy individuals. It also addresses the role of nutrition in promoting health and disease prevention for prospective students who wish to become health professionals or provide nutritional counseling.

10. Nutrition Fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Nutrition course covers the basics of nutrition and dietetics for individuals and families. It also covers weight management strategies, in addition to topics about non-nutrients in diet, nutrition and physical fitness. The course has 19 lessons, appropriate exams and a study project.

Top 5 Free Online College Nutrition Courses

  • Nutrition: Vitamins and Minerals | OpenLearn. OpenLearn, an online masters learning platform opened by The Open University, offers this free nutrition course. In this course students can learn all about vitamins, minerals and their role in nutrition. It takes approximately 10 hours to complete and provides an introductory level of nutrition learning.
  • Nutrition course for beginners | The Academy of Health Sciences. This beginners course includes an impressive curriculum with questionnaires, tests, and even a TED Talk. In this course, students learn about superfoods, energy and nutrition, and the components of balanced food choices.
  • Introduction to Nutrition and Food Safety | FutureLearn. Developed by Taipei Medical University and delivered through the FutureLearn platform, this four-week course teaches online students the basics of nutrition and dietetics. The course is free, but users must pay if they opt for unlimited access and a certificate of completion.
  • Mental health and nutrition | edX. Developed by the University of Canterbury and offered on edX, this course teaches students about the relationship between nutrition and mental wellbeing. An online student can complete the course in about eight weeks. It’s completely free, with an optional upgrade option for unlimited access.
  • Nutrition and health: food safety | edX. This is another nutrition course offered through edX. In this eight-week course, online students will learn about bacteria and health risks in food. It’s also free to complete and access for the duration of the course, with an optional upgrade fee for unlimited access.

Are Online Nutrition College Courses Worth It?

Yes, an online Nutrition course is worthwhile if your passion is to help people stay fit and healthy. You can become a nutritionist or dietitian if you complete nutritional education and work in outpatient clinics, nonprofit organizations, residential care centers, or health care facilities. You can also find work as a nutrition professional in nutritional advice or food service management.

The job growth prospects for careers in the food sector are strong, with growth expected to be 11 percent through 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nutritionists and dieticians can also find lucrative salaries in the field, with an average annual salary of $63,090.

FAQs About Online College Nutrition Courses

Are there any entry requirements for online courses?

Not all online courses have entry requirements as some courses are free or for casual students while others can be studied for credits. It depends on the type of course, its duration, transfer credit options and the institution that organizes it. An online nutrition degree or graduate program would have entry requirements.

Are there any online nutrition programs that can give credit for an advanced education in nutrition?

Yes, there are online nutrition programs whose credits can be applied to an advanced degree in nutrition. If you already have a degree and are interested in a career in the food industry, have your credentials evaluated by nutritionists to learn about the right courses to take to earn an online nutrition degree.

Is there a diet program available through online classes?

Yes, different accredited colleges offer different online career options for courses, including online bachelor’s degrees in nutrition. Students need 120 credits to graduate from an online nutrition program.

Can I take an online career development course?

Yes, taking online college nutrition courses is a great way to advance your professional career in wellness and health or any other nutrition-related field. This allows you to upskill and learn about the latest industry knowledge and trends if you’re currently working while you want to study. It can also help you decide if you want to pursue a degree in nutrition.

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