The Best GED Prep Books and Guides of 2022

A high school diploma or a GED is a fundamental requirement for lucrative jobs in sought-after industries. If you want to pass the GED test, you’ve come to the right place. We discuss the best GED preparation books, GED preparation sections and the resources you need to pass this exam. We’ll also include the top five free GED prep books and resources.

This article can help you pass this career initiation exam and secure high-paying, no-degree jobs or build academic skills for higher education. It creates a solid foundation for your career.

Should I take the GED?

Yes, you must take the GED test if you want to get high paying jobs and have a stable career. The GED tests your knowledge of important topics and essential skills in multiple subjects. There is no doubt that having a higher education qualification provides lucrative jobs. Not having a GED can prevent you from accessing these career opportunities.

According to the education statistics of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, people without a high school diploma have an unemployment rate of 5.4 percent. This percentage is the highest compared to other qualifications. You must take the GED test if you want to earn more, climb the ladders of your dream career and attend your dream college.

A GED opens a direct path to higher education and ultimately a lucrative career. You can apply for a four-year college degree or attend the best coding boot camps to get non-tech or technology-based jobs.

Common GED Sections You Should Prepare for

  • Math topics. The coverage of the GED exam mainly tests you on four sections. The math skills section covers questions about mathematical reasoning, algebra, geometry, functions, and graphs. This section is a combination of multiple choice and grid layouts. You can use numerous online preparation resources and math study guides to learn the key concepts.
  • Science topics. The GED test also includes a science section that tests your knowledge of scientific subject content such as periodic tables, scientific data, critical thinking skills, and graphics. Make sure you practice intensively in biology, chemistry and physics.
  • Social studies topics. The full-length GED test includes a social studies exam section that covers the concepts of history and social studies. This section requires you to master the reasoning, arguments, and graphs in social studies.
  • Language and art section. This section of the GED test contains multiple choice, essay, and drag-and-drop questions. It tests your understanding of English grammar, critical thinking skills and English literature. You can find numerous GED prep books and study guides that will help you pass the real exam.
  • Master your testing strategies. Developing a personalized study plan and preparing study materials is key to passing standardized tests. Practice taking long exams and find effective strategies that will help you pass the GED test. You can look up GED prep centers in your state for full practice testing sessions.

The 10 Best GED Prep Books To Get You Ready

1. GED Test For Dummies 4th Edition

  • Best for: GED candidates seeking two full practice tests covering all four exam sections

This GED preparation book provides a great comprehensive overview of the exam question types, study plan, and testing strategies. This book is suitable for non-native English speakers who want to prepare for the math, English, social sciences, and science sections of the test. It will help you improve your time management skills while providing full coverage of the test content.

2. GED Study Guide 2021-2022

  • Best for: Candidates seeking three full practice tests with detailed answers for all subject areas

This 2021-2022 GED Study Guide will help you pass the GED test with an excellent score. It offers three complete practice questions and a detailed overview of each answer. This preparation book is best suited for candidates who have some background in the field and want to practice the type of question and format of the exam.

3. GED Study Guide 2022 All subjects

  • Best for: Candidates who want both a physical preparation book and online practice tests to prepare for all subject topics

Looking for a GED prep book with a comprehensive study guide and plenty of practice test questions? Then this book might be the ideal preparation tool for you. It covers topics in reasoning, grammar, algebra, geometry, life sciences, economics, and geography. You’ll also find flashcards, cheat sheets, test writing tips and correct answers that will help you prepare for exam day.

4. GED Study Guide 2022 and 2023 All subjects

  • Best for: Candidates who want detailed explanation, practice test questions, study materials, test strategies and study preparation plan

This GED preparation book provides the latest coverage of the standardized test and includes abundant math exercises, as well as language, art, and reasoning topics. It also covers social studies and science topics and provides practice questions with appropriate answers. You get a comprehensive exam preparation study guide that gives you additional practice opportunities and testing strategies.

5. Kaplan GED Test Preparation 2022-2023

  • Best for: Candidates seeking a Kaplan GED test preparation book with complete practice tests, expert guidance and a comprehensive study guide

The need and popularity of the GED standardized test continues to rise, paving the way for career success. More than 965,000 candidates took the GED test between 2014 and 2018, according to the American Council on Education. This number continues to rise. By taking the GED, you show that your competency level corresponds to a high school education.

This Kaplan GED test preparation book offers both paperback and online materials to help ensure your study time is effective. Covering all four topics, it includes over 1,000 practice questions, online video tutorials, a comprehensive study guide, and a diagnostic pre-test.

6. McGraw-Hill Education Pre-GED, Third Edition

  • Best for: Candidates looking for an exam preparation study guide with practice tests, abundant exercises and important lesson topics

The McGraw-Hill Education Pre-GED Prep Book is best suited to candidates seeking a book that is a complete AZ Review Edition. You will see difficult concepts, detailed explanations of answers, lessons on topics, strategies for creating tests and flashcards.

7. Kaplan GED Test Prep Plus 2021

  • Best for: Candidates who want Kaplan test preparation strategies, practice tests and comprehensive subject coverage

The Kaplan GED test prep plus book is for those who want to learn from renowned and established field experts. This GED test preparation book provides complete coverage of the exam with a step-by-step approach to each answer key. You’ll find more than 1000 practice test questions, online videos and tips for taking tests for effective study time.

8. Master the GED Test 2020

  • Best for: Candidates who want 5 complete practice tests, diagnostic exams and GED vocabulary tests

Many jobs do not require a high school diploma or GED, but getting a GED allows you to venture into more high-paying and safe jobs. Use this GED textbook to pass your exam. It includes five practice tests, topic reviews, and a GED glossary. It also offers a paperback version and an online test with detailed answer explanations.

9. 5 Practice Exams for the GED Test

  • Best for: Candidates seeking comprehensive practice tests, a variety of sample questions, and comprehensive study guides

If you understand the subject and want to improve your exam skills, this book is for you. It offers five full practice test questions with detailed answer explanations and a wide variety of question types. Use this book for a complete overview of your skills and knowledge.

10. Mometrix GED Study Guide 2021 All subjects

  • Best for: Candidates who want the actual testing experience with practice tests and step-by-step video tutorials

Mometrix are field experts who provide an ideal preparation tool for numerous standardized tests. This 2021 GED Study Guide provides a realistic test day experience. You’ll find practice tests, in-depth concept explanations, test creation strategies, and full exam coverage.

Free GED Books and Resources to Prepare

  • Test Guide Free GED Practice Tests
  • GED Testing Service Free Teaching Materials
  • The Best Free GED Prep
  • Learn English
  • Gedeno GED Preparation Guides

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best GED Prep Books

Where can I find the best GED prep books and practice test questions?

You can find the best GED prep books and practice test questions on online shopping websites. You can also look up Kaplan GED Assessment Materials and McGraw-Hill Education Preparation pages for detailed answers and GED practice questions.

What is the pass score for the GED test?

The passing score for the GED test is 145. A score of 164 or more is considered a decent score for college applications.

Is it difficult to pass the GED test?

No, it is not difficult to pass the GED test. Passing the exam requires extensive test preparation in mathematical reasoning, science, social studies, and English. You can use GED preparation books, practice test questions, or a combination of formats to prepare for the exam.

What is the best way to prepare for the GED test?

The best way to prepare for the GED test is to learn basic math, science, social science, and English subjects and take enough practice tests. You can use GED flashcards, get one-on-one tutoring or watch full GED videos to pass the real exam.

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