Reviewing Flockjay’s Sales Elevation Platform: Can It Move Your Sales Team Ahead?

Through its rigorous 10-week sales program, Flockjay has helped career shifters and career starters access satisfying technical sales careers. In three years, more than 500 well-equipped tech sales talents graduated from the bootcamp and joined several organizations with the help of Flockjay’s trusted employer partners.

However, completing a technical sales program is just one step in the process of becoming an all-round sales professional. In fact, your journey into the real world of sales really begins at work.

After working with bootcamp graduates, recruiting partners and industry leaders, Flockjay has identified pain points in the sales sector and opportunities for which it can provide solutions. Flockjay introduces its community-driven Sales Elevation platform, which enables organizations to invest in their people.

“Working as a salesperson at a company, especially if you’re a novice, is like receiving an over-the-counter meal kit. You may have all the ingredients for success, but without the instructions on how to use them, salespeople are often left sinking or swimming. With Flockjay, reps can access the recipe for sales success from internal and external sales professionals,” said Bryant Lau, Head of Demand Generation at Flockjay.

Read on as we delve deeper into how Flockjay’s Sales Elevation platform can help your sales force thrive.

Flockjay’s Sales Elevation platform champions community-driven learning within your organization that can improve your team’s performance.

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Flockjay’s Sales Elevation Platform

The rules and trends in the sales industry are constantly changing, making it difficult for new hires to take on their roles effectively. Integrating the latest technology into your sales process is one way to help your team drive sales growth.

But as advanced as these technologies are, achieving successful sales conversions ultimately depends on your salespeople. Thus, shaping your sales force’s knowledge and expertise is a must if you want to create a positive perception that can build brand trust and increase your overall sales.

Flockjay’s Sales Elevation platform was designed with this in mind. It is suitable for sales development leaders, sales managers, and salespeople looking for innovative ways to streamline knowledge that will help them hone their skills on the go.

The platform effectively combines the ability to track your team, share invaluable knowledge from industry experts, provide real-time coaching, and personalize training according to your team’s needs. In addition, Flockjay’s Sales Elevation platform also opens up communication channels accessible to your “flock” – a useful feature for a digital environment with remote workers.

Simply put, Flockjay’s Sales Elevation platform is an all-in-one tool that has everything you need to empower and advance your sales force.

4 signs that Flockjay’s sales boosting platform is for you

1. Your sales team needs a boost in their soft skills and tech skills.

As a sales manager, you may find yourself retrofitting your salespeople with the latest technical innovations and industry-proven tactics to make sure they work in the best conditions. However, this can be time consuming especially if you are leading a huge team, especially when your members are working from different locations.

Flockjay’s Sales Elevation platform makes it easy to unify your team and deliver real-time sales training to eliminate potential skill gaps. Doing this will prevent underperformers from sinking further, putting them back on track before affecting the rest of the team’s progress.

You can create and upload digestible and interactive guides and other learning resources about prospecting, nurturing leads, and closing deals, just to name a few. Or you can share how-to videos on navigating new sales tools.

Finally, Flockjay also has a learning path feature that allows sales managers to curate shared content on the platform and create a course that they can assign to their team. Again, it’s a smart feature that allows you to direct your team to highly relevant learning resources.

2. Your sales team is underperforming and you don’t know why.

Sales is inherently a high-pressure task, and achieving your sales goals requires consistency in your team’s performance.

Flockjay’s Sales Elevation platform gives you instant control over your team. Keep an eye on your sales team’s performance and see how they develop over time. You can use this data to assess their pain points and determine what type of training to provide to each salesperson. Data-driven training and coaching programs can increase your chances of effectively eliminating any skills gaps.

In addition, the platform allows members of your organization to upload recorded conversations or share the challenges they face and ask for feedback. This encourages salespeople to be open about their struggles and to offer proven solutions to help each other improve. A collaborative environment can play an important role in creating a healthy work environment and fostering career growth.

3. You find it difficult to manage and motivate a virtual sales team.

While remote working is inevitable in a fast-paced digital landscape, multiple companies are still ill-equipped to navigate a world that requires remote first.

For example, sales leaders find that the supportive and vibrant energy generated by physically gathering their teams on the sales floor every morning is not the same online. The number of means of communication also exhausts many salespeople who may also suffer from cabin fever. In fact, many salespeople have disconnected and sales managers struggle to manage and retain their teams in the long run.

Flockjay effectively cuts through all the noise and anchors your team on a single virtual platform. This platform is packed with communication features that allow you to connect and keep an eye on your team, wherever they are.

Think of Flockjay as a social media tool and learning platform in one. You can also integrate external tools within the platform, such as Salesforce and Outreach.

Conduct conversations, host group conversations, conduct online workshops and classes within Flockjay’s Sales Elevation platform to keep your sales team informed and motivate them to become high performers. Sales reps can also communicate with their colleagues, call out top performers and celebrate victories – all great ways to keep the team spirit alive.

In addition, the platform provides insight into who shares valuable information and actively helps others. A leaderboard is accessible to sales managers, who rank members according to the set learning quota.

Such data can be helpful in assessing the level of engagement within your organization. It can also help to find out which members contribute the most to your organization who deserve rewards, incentives, or maybe even a promotion.

4. You struggle with sales knowledge management.

As your sales force grows, so does the amount of activities, solutions and knowledge in your organization. And in an age where information sharing takes place left and right across channels, creating a sales knowledge base system can be daunting. Additionally, hiring new salespeople, documenting processes, and making data-driven decisions can also be stressful.

Flockjay’s Sales Elevation platform is the central hub for all sales training resources, practical strategies and best practices. Even if your sales force changes, you can rest assured that relevant resources will remain in your library. These resources are organized by different categories or trending topics for easy browsing. With the help of Flockjay, knowledge management is suddenly not so difficult anymore.

Please note that Flockjay’s Sales Elevation platform is a two-way street where community-driven learning is strongly encouraged. For the platform to make a positive impact within the organization, sales leaders and salespeople must actively participate. That means making a conscious effort to create a tight-knit network of members willing to share ideas, feedback and advice to foster growth.

Start a sales team of winners today

Over the years, Flockjay has remained committed to its mission of empowering tech sales professionals. And it continues to do so with its latest innovation tool designed to meet the evolving needs of sales professionals in an evolving field.

“With the new Flockjay Sales Elevation Platform, organizations can expect greater employee engagement, better retention rates and better sales performance,” said Flockjay’s Head of Demand Generation Bryant Lau.

Whether you’re a salesperson looking to upskill or a sales leader looking to develop a team of winners, you’re not alone with Flockjay’s Sales Elevation platform. Finally, you have a trusted ally you can rely on to future-proof your career in tech sales and lead your team on the path to success.

Learn more about Flockjay and unlock your team’s full potential today.

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