Results overview: how CodeOp enables women+ to break into technology

CodeOp is an international technical school that offers technical training programs designed specifically for women, transgender and non-binary people who aspire to break into technology.

Katrina Walker started the company in 2018 with a mission to bridge the gender gap in the industry, which she says is rooted in the lack of social and structural support that women+ receive throughout their lives to pursue STEM areas.

CodeOp brings these underrepresented groups closer to technology in two ways. First, it helps and supports women+ in technology retraining and upskilling by training them in Full Stack Development, Product Management, Data Science and Python and Data Analytics.

Second, the technical school works closely with an extensive network of organizations to help them access new, diverse talent pools. It also helps companies solve the problem of disparate technical teams with technical training programs designed to directly recruit, hire, train and onboard diverse talent for their technical teams.

While these initiatives are impressive, one question remains unanswered: is CodeOp worth it?

To answer that, the technical school uses unique performance indicators to measure the impact on the technical community and determine whether it is fulfilling its mission. These indicators look at how many of her female+ students have landed jobs in high-level tech jobs, how much their salaries have increased since then, and what kind of tech positions they’ve landed using the skills they’ve learned at CodeOp.

Read on to learn more about how CodeOp graduates fare after completing their education.

CodeOp provides women, transgender and non-binary people with skills that can help them launch successful development, data and product careers.

Contact CodeOp to kickstart a brand new tech career.

CodeOp Outcomes Review: Can You Get a Job After CodeOp?

The short answer: yes, CodeOp has helped countless graduates launch their tech careers. By 2021, data from CodeOp’s results shows that more than 90 percent of students found a job within six months of graduating.

Among the most common roles they secured were the following:

  • Full stack developer
  • Senior researcher
  • web developer
  • Software developer
  • Data analyst
  • machine learning engineer
  • Technical Engineer

In addition, 77 percent of graduates reported a salary increase after attending CodeOp. As further proof of the excellent education students receive, the school has reported that the graduates have gone on to work at leading technology companies such as Google, Meta, Bumble, Accenture and Nielsen.

How does CodeOp achieve these results?

An infographic highlighting the student results of CodeOp in 2021

The technical school provides top-notch training and full career support to its students to ensure job search success. In line with the value of academic excellence, CodeOp has a rigorous curriculum that prepares students to become highly skilled junior developers.

As part of the curriculum, CodeOp courses teach techniques, libraries, and best practices to ensure students are familiar with tools used in the real world, or as the school puts it, in “real life.”

In addition to improving the technical skills of the students, the school also focuses on soft skills. These are part of CodeOp’s 360 Career Support Program, which serves several functions with the same goal: fully preparing students for a lifelong career in engineering.

These services include career coaching, training, mentorship and personal growth workshops. Recruiters and companies also come straight to technical school to find and hire highly skilled candidates.

  • Course-specific initiatives. For example, students taking CodeOp’s Full Stack Web Development course have access to technical workshops, such as an Agile workshop, where they receive an introduction to Agile methodologies.
  • Question and answer sessions. A CodeOp graduate shares their experiences and advice on navigating first jobs. Other Q&A sessions may also involve hearing from a technical manager currently working in the industry.
  • Flash lectures. These lectures introduce students to the necessary tools not often covered in coding courses so that they are fully prepared to build real apps and work in technical teams with different stacks from day 1. The Full Stack Web Development students, for example, take a flash lecture about the Open Source world and how to break into this field as a junior developer.
  • Career counseling workshop. The workshops walk students through ways to build an online presence, develop a job search strategy, create and manage their resume, and how to win interviews. Students also have access to an elevator pitch workshop, an interactive session to ensure students can answer the classic “Tell me about yourself” question in less than a minute.
  • Info sessions. Students learn best practices to stand out from other applicants from tech recruiters themselves. Students in the Data Science course attend D3.js, a hands-on workshop that covers the basics of D3 drawing SVG elements and data binding, and working with scaling and colors. There is also the Big Data workshop, where they get an overview of the role of a data engineer.
  • Technical workshops on Friday. Every Friday, CodeOp invites industry professionals to give technical workshops and presentations. These are valuable opportunities for students to learn best practices and the latest tools and technologies in the industry.
  • Employer network. CodeOp works closely with an extensive, value-driven employer network made up of large companies, organizations and smaller startups to ensure graduates have as many opportunities as possible to land their first tech job after completing their course.
  • Bumble Tech AcademyThis is a groundbreaking partnership with the women’s social networking app that offers a six-month paid technical training program exclusively for women+ regardless of their experience. Students undergo technical training in full-stack development and Android mobile development. At the end of the course, Bumble offers participants full-time roles as junior software developers.

Start your tech career with CodeOp

An infographic on jobs CodeOp graduates secure after their bootcamp

CodeOp helps women+ launch new careers by giving them a solid foundation in technology through rigorous technical training and comprehensive career support. The unique positioning has a diverse student population that makes the graduates attractive to recruiters and hiring managers.

The results of the technical school speak for themselves. Since 2018, CodeOp has helped more than a thousand female+ graduates achieve their professional goals and start a new career. Contact Tech School today to learn more about CodeOp and how it can help launch your tech career.

To learn more about the Full Stack Development program and curriculum, download the course guide here.

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