Product School: Celebrating the Rise of Women in Product Management

Product management is a field that offers a wealth of opportunities for people who enjoy working with teams to build the next big thing. It has also been growing in popularity for years.

According to Product School’s “Future of Product Management” report, 43 percent of companies are currently hiring more product managers, but despite this rapid growth, women and non-binary people represent less than 40 percent of product managers in the field. In other words, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Product School is an organization committed to giving everyone an opportunity in product management, especially women. Read more about her initiatives here.

Product School creates a diverse pool of product talent by offering high-quality training and certifications that suit different stages of product careers.

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What is product school?

Product School is the global leader in product management training, with over a million members in the community. The certification courses teach people how to find solutions to some of the world’s problems through products and are built to mimic the career path of a product manager.

The school offers three certification courses:

  • The Product Manager Certificationthat allows students to secure their first product manager position
  • The Senior Product Manager Certificationwhich is designed for product managers who want to improve their skills and climb the career ladder
  • The Product Leader Certificationwhich is ideal for those wishing to join the C-suite

Courses are offered live online every month, making it easy for students to find an option that fits their schedule. Classes are held in the evenings or on weekends so that instructors and students can continue to fulfill their other responsibilities, such as full-time employment or family commitments.

Women in product management

Product School is proud to advocate for women who want to delve into product management and advance in their careers. It sets an example for its students by hiring a diverse array of instructors, including many women in high-level product management positions.

Some examples of product leaders who work closely with Product School include the following:

  • Rachael Larsen, VP Product Education, Product School
  • Diana Chen, Head of Product, Amazon
  • Divya Dalapathi, Product Director at Uber Maps
  • Uche Adegbite, Senior Product Director, Twitter
  • Flavia Neves, Product Director, Spotify
  • Jodi Alperstein, General Manager, Twilio
  • Laura Teclemariam, Product Director, Netflix
  • Irana Wasti, Chief Product Officer, Typeform
  • Sneha Narahalli, VP Product, Sephora
  • Mudita Tiwari, Senior Product Director, PayPal

These instructors generously share their expertise and experiences with other women to help them advance their own careers in product management. As evidenced by their achievements, being a woman has not stopped them from succeeding in this field.

Product School Instructor Shaili Guru

Shaili Guru is the Lead Product Manager at Nike and is a passionate advocate for Women in Tech and STEM initiatives. Before starting as a product manager, Shaili was a program manager at T-Mobile.

She shared her experience as a woman entering product management. “It was not difficult to enter the field of product management since I made a lateral switch. But getting into the tech field was more challenging because I have a bachelor’s degree in biology. However, I knew I would have won half the battle if I could have gotten my foot in the door. And once I did, I started a chapter of a nonprofit here in Seattle for like-minded women where we can help each other.”

In her time in tech, Shaili said the tech industry still has a long way to go when it comes to gender equality. “We need to close the gender gap, but we also need to bring back all the women who left the job market during the pandemic. We need to create an inclusive culture in the product management society to build inclusive products,” she said.

She also listed the changes she thought would make the industry more welcoming to all genders. “Develop inclusive organizations that empower women to feel empowered to make decisions, feel their voices are heard, and measure progress. Also provide networking opportunities, guidance and training for all women, regardless of their role or level, because I believe that when you raise a woman, you raise the whole family.”

“If there’s anything we’ve learned in the technology sector during the pandemic, it’s that flexibility is key, so don’t stop there! Instead of integrating life into the work schedule, work should be integrated into life!

Shaili shared some advice for women entering product management. “In Dory’s famous words, ‘Just keep swimming!’ Wherever you are in your career path.”

Product School Graduate Deepti Tadalala

An infographic with a graduate's review of Product School

Deepti Tadala moved from management consulting to product management. She is currently a technical product manager at Synacor, a SaaS company.

She shared how she started her journey into product management and why she chose to study at the Product School. “As a former management consultant, product management seemed an achievable goal due to the nature of the work and the various intersecting aspects between the two paths. These include customer/customer relationship management, backlog management and communication skills, just to name a few overlapping features.”

As she prepared to enter product management, she was overwhelmed by the amount of learning resources online and wanted to find a credible source. While attending ProductCon, she came across Product School. “Product School has several free resources like webinars, blogs, and events that are great starting points, especially for someone trying to understand the space better,” she shared.

Deepti completed her master’s degree in 2019 and started her job as a product manager at Synacor. Her first year was spent learning about identity and access management, evaluating rivals and applying her product knowledge. But in her sophomore year, Deepti felt like she had reached a plateau in her role.

She knew complacency had no place in her role and wanted to keep learning. “While I was able to apply theoretical knowledge to my job, I still had no idea what the industry standards are and how the giants navigate the product space. So I turned to my proven partner Product School and applied for their Product Manager Certification course” , she said.

Deepti’s Product School experience has helped her get better at her role. “The nature and structure of the course were more discussion-oriented than a lecture. The greater the engagement and the number of questions asked, the higher the value. Our class was a diverse group. We had people from different backgrounds and at different stages of their careers.”

“Our instructor was Debankur Naskar, an Apple product leader. For eight weeks I observed and listened to the class and tried to participate in the discussions as much as possible. As a result, I learned just as much from fellow students as I learned from the teacher,” she continues.

Deepti shared her thoughts on what a Product School certification means for someone interested in product management. “Product School does not guarantee job placement, but it does provide the tools to think and speak like a product manager. Managing tools, navigating the course, and building needs is up to the student.”

“As a product manager, I was looking for a course structure that was extensive in case studies. I knew most of the concepts taught, but I wanted to be a better storyteller. Product School helped me achieve my goal.” she said.

Claim your place in product management today

Product management is an industry where women can thrive in their careers. If you’re looking for a breakthrough in this space, Product School can give you the tools and skills needed to start and maintain a rewarding career in product management.

Contact Product School today to learn more about the courses.

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