PowerShell Tutorials: Learn PowerShell Online for Free

If you’re considering taking a programming language course, PowerShell tutorials are a great way to learn. PowerShell has a command line interface and scripting language that is very interesting to learn. It provides full access to WMI and COM, allowing system administrators to perform administrative tasks on both remote and local Windows systems.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best PowerShell tutorials for beginners, the best advanced PowerShell tutorials, and the best free PowerShell tutorials to prepare you for everything you need to learn Windows PowerShell.

Best PowerShell Tutorials for Beginners or Experts

Lesson name provider level
Advanced tools and scripts with PowerShell 3.0 Microsoft Docs Free
Discover PowerShell Microsoft Docs Free
Get started with Microsoft PowerShell Microsoft Docs Free
Getting started with Windows PowerShell Microsoft Docs Free
Introduction to Windows PowerShell 5.1 Udemy Beginner
Learn PowerShell Learn LinkedIn Beginner
Learn Windows PowerShell Udemy Beginner
Master Microsoft PowerShell Udemy Advanced
Mastering Windows PowerShell Reed courses Advanced
PowerShell for Active Directory Administrators Udemy Advanced
PowerShell Tutorial TutorialsPoint Free
PowerShell Tutorial for Beginners: Learn PowerShell Scripting Guru99 Beginner
The Advanced PowerShell Scripting Crash Course 2019 – Learn PowerShell in Less Than 3 Hours Skill sharing Beginner
Windows PowerShell: Essentials plural Advanced
Windows PowerShell: scripting and toolmaking plural Advanced

Best PowerShell Tutorials for Beginners

Introduction to Windows PowerShell 5.1

This Udemy tutorial covers a wide variety of topics, including Windows PowerShell basics, installing and updating PowerShell, using the PowerShell ISE and CLI, getting help and finding basic commands, and basic Active Directory domain management. This course offers more than seven hours of on-demand video, a certificate of completion, and lifetime access.

Learn PowerShell

Learning the main features of PowerShell makes it one of the best PowerShell tutorials for beginners. This LinkedIn course provides an overview of PowerShell, including basic and custom cmdlets, how to read PowerShell language and scripts, and write lines of code in the PowerShell ISE. This quick course takes one hour and twenty minutes.

Learn Windows PowerShell

This course covers the basics of PowerShell such as installing and setting up PowerShell, PowerShell commands such as get-help cmdlet and get-command, and objects and classes. You will also learn to work with PowerShell 6, batches with files and folders and system administration. It is specially made for beginners and only a PC is needed.

PowerShell Tutorial for Beginners: Learn PowerShell Scripting

In this free online tutorial, you’ll learn what makes PowerShell a powerful tool and why you should use it. You will also learn about PowerShell cmdlet, PowerShell command, basics of scripts such as script execution, Integrated Scripting Environment and various uses of PowerShell. The article format with photos makes it incredibly easy to follow.

Windows PowerShell: Essentials

Windows PowerShell: Essentials offers a series of lessons for beginners. These lessons teach students how to collect data using PowerShell cmdlets and scripts, use PowerShell on a network and for your needs, and automate tasks using PowerShell scripts. The classes are led by experts and the membership costs about $30 per month to access.

Best Advanced PowerShell Tutorials

Master Microsoft PowerShell

Master Microsoft PowerShell teaches you how to become more productive by automating repetitive tasks. You’ll learn how to use Microsoft’s incredibly powerful scripting language and command-line shell to streamline your administrative tasks. Membership in this course includes two hours of on-demand video and a certificate of completion.

Mastering Windows PowerShell

This full-time, five-day tutorial walks you through the essentials of PowerShell and how to make your administrative tasks easier, faster, and more consistent. It also covers advanced topics such as advanced object manipulation, advanced modularization techniques, regular expressions, debugging, error handling, and more. It is offered online with live classes.

PowerShell for Active Directory administrators

This three-hour Udemy PowerShell course is designed for those who manage groups, computers, users, or perform other Active Directory-related functions. It teaches you how to use PowerShell to automate tasks, deploy domain controllers, and bulk import accounts into a hot folder. The normal cost of this program is about $30.

The Advanced PowerShell Scripting Crash Course 2019 – Learn PowerShell in Less Than 3 Hours

This intermediate scripting tutorial introduces the most advanced PowerShell cmdlet functions and functions. It’s perfect if you want to automate administrative tasks or brush up on your interview-question skills. Topics covered include PowerShell ISE, error handling, logical operators, WMI classes, PowerShell Switch, and string manipulation.

Windows PowerShell: scripting and toolmaking

Pluralsight’s Scripting and Toolmaking courses provide tutorials that go beyond the basics of PowerShell to give you more advanced skills, such as reporting with PowerShell HTML, accessing SQL Server databases, remote basics, and debugging PowerShell in Visual Studio Code. You will also learn about PowerShell script blocks, advanced integrations, and PowerShell applications.

Best Free PowerShell Tutorials

Advanced tools and scripts with PowerShell 3.0

Advanced Tools and Scripting with PowerShell is a nine-video tutorial series by IT experts Jason Elmic and Jeffrey Snover, the inventor of PowerShell himself. This course teaches you how to use the power of PowerShell scripts to turn them into custom cmdlets and reusable tools. You will also learn about practices and patterns to help you build and maintain tools.

Discover PowerShell

Discover PowerShell is a free course offered by Microsoft Docs that provides excellent PowerShell training for beginners. It uses screenshots to cover basic topics such as PowerShell pipelines, filtering, execution policies, selective execution, output formatting, and cmdlet functions. The tutorial is delivered in article format so you can learn at your own pace.

Get started with Microsoft PowerShell

Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShell is another helpful nine-video tutorial provided by IT experts for those new to PowerShell who want to learn how to automate basic tasks. The video tutorials cover the basics of PowerShell, basic PowerShell tools, object properties, and remoting, as well as a brief introduction to scripting and toolmaking.

Getting started with Windows PowerShell

This is easily one of the best free PowerShell tutorials available. It covers a wide range of topics such as the basics of PowerShell, PowerShell ISE, PowerShell functions and actual cmdlet names, and access to scripting and development. This PowerShell tutorial links to several additional pages and provides everything you need to know about Windows PowerShell.

PowerShell Tutorial

PowerShell Tutorial is yet another comprehensive free resource for learning PowerShell. Topics covered have been broken down to provide as much informative detail as possible about each concept. For example, when discussing operators, the tutorial explains various operators, such as logical and assignment operators, and provides a description and example of each.

PowerShell Tutorials: The Best Way to Learn PowerShell

Tutorials are accessible and useful resources to learn PowerShell. They are excellent for independent and visual learning as they allow for a more active and interactive experience. Therefore, they help different types of students understand PowerShell more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions About PowerShell Tutorials

Should I Study PowerShell?

Yes, you should study PowerShell, especially if you are interested in system administration and want to create automation scripts to automate repetitive tasks. PowerShell is a robust, efficient and powerful tool for scheduling and automating tasks. It is an excellent command line interface option for Windows as it can be used on a wide range of platforms.

How long does it take to learn PowerShell?

It takes an average of about one to two weeks to learn PowerShell at an introductory level with no previous experience. Three weeks of regular study will give you a solid foundation in PowerShell so that you can unleash its full potential. And within four weeks, you can perform professional PowerShell tasks with confidence.

Are paid PowerShell tutorials necessarily better than free tutorials?

No, paid PowerShell tutorials are not always better than free PowerShell tutorials. Both provide a variety of useful information that you can use to hone your skills. However, it’s worth noting that some of the benefits of a paid tutorial may include access to a tutor that you can consult if you need additional help understanding a concept.

What are the common uses of PowerShell?

The most common uses of PowerShell include creating lists to view specific groups or types of users, adding accounts, removing accounts, and editing groups. PowerShell is extremely useful for performing basic administrative tasks.

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