Meet the people behind Clarusway’s student success

Many adults want to change careers but struggle to do so due to various disabilities. Research has shown that time, money and family are the main challenges adult learners face. However, these challenges can be overcome with a little help.

In addition to training, coaching and career counseling can help people better understand the working world and ease their transition. To address this, IT bootcamp Clarusway has established a support network to help you stay on track and maximize your training as you prepare for your new career in technology.

This article introduces you to the people behind student success at Clarusway—the learning and support network that contributed to the 91 percent placement rate. Find out how they help students complete their education and find their first IT jobs.

Instructors, mentors, teaching assistants and career coaches are the four pillars that provide a concrete foundation for student success at Clarusway.

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Meet your learning and support network on Clarusway

Instructors, mentors, teaching assistants and career coaches are the four pillars of student success at Clarusway. Not only do they help students with learning and landing jobs, but they also serve as motivators and encourage students to achieve their goals. Let’s meet some of them.


Clarusway instructors are IT professionals who are also educators. The dual role allows them to communicate concepts and skills effectively. Among them are Alex Duncan and Helen Kuttery. Alex has been a teacher for five years and a project manager for 10 years, while Helen is a former teacher who decided to broaden her knowledge of computer applications.

These instructors do more than just teach and assign tasks. As Alex emphasized, teaching IT related subjects comes with a lot of obligations. “Spending even a single day in Clarusway as an instructor is in itself a challenge and a task to be accomplished,” he said.

They must first make sure that students, especially beginners, understand ideas. †[We] emphasize why complex topics are crucial in their field,” says Helen. Alex described the development as “baby steps” as they teach all areas from scratch and guide students until they can apply the knowledge to real-world problems.

Above all, Helen believes that self-study is crucial as it can help students continuously improve their skills without the need for guidance.

Alex and Helen’s roles go beyond the classroom. According to Alex, their responsibilities include supporting administrators and discussing student performance and needs. As a result, they help students launch careers and also foster community and camaraderie.


Isaac Lumine, a Clarusway mentor, said his focus is to “encourage mentees to make them believe that if they study enough, they can succeed”. A mentor’s job, he explained, is to help students when they’re stuck. As such, mentors start their day by checking their Slack channels to respond to student questions, said another mentor, Marie Curie.

The most frequently asked question, both Isaac and Marie said, is about finding work. This is especially true for students with a non-IT background. To address this problem, Marie would remind the students of their achievements so far. Isaac would tell his story of how he got a job after the boot camp and remind them to trust themselves.

Maintaining motivation in an intense training environment is not easy, which is why one must be an excellent communicator to be a Clarusway mentor. If you are planning to enroll in Clarusway, rest assured that mentors will guide you to stay on track so that you never give up and believe in yourself.

Teaching Assistants

Clarusway teaching assistants, Aseem “de Jericho” Turquoise and Matthias Herrman, help teachers save time by taking over the communal Q&As. They also hold “a one-on-one video conference with interns who have gotten stuck in some areas and made no progress,” explains Matthias.

Their goal, according to Matthias, is for both teachers and students to use their time efficiently and “for every intern to get the most out of every lesson”. Where necessary, they explain relevant topics to improve students’ understanding and help them keep up with the class.

Aseem and Matthias worked closely with interns and found that one of the most common problems they encounter is helping students who get discouraged when they have problems with the technical side of the course. To this Aseem would say, “No rush. Do not give up. Don’t let small problems bring you down right away.”

The journey through a boot camp gets smoother with TAs standing by to help you as you progress. Aseem’s advice is to work hard: “If you work hard every day, if only for a moment, but continuously, you will see that you have come a long way.”

Career coaches

Clarusway is committed to helping you find your first IT job. Sarah Brown, along with the entire Career Management System (CMS) team, helps you from the moment you join the program until you land a job.

At Clarusway, each student is assigned a career coach who then tracks their performance, organizes Zoom meetings, or writes to them on Slack. However, Sarah clarified that the coaches are not limited to the students assigned to them. “We are still helping other students who ask for our help.”

The CMS team will help you design your resume, create your LinkedIn profile and prepare for interviews. Sarah explained that just before graduation, they conduct mock interviews with each student, including technical and behavioral questions. “Our interns both overcome their initial excitement and learn what they need to improve on toward the feedback they receive,” Sara said.

The CMS team also offers life coaching to help students reach their goals faster. They help students develop all the soft skills they need at work. So you are not only technically prepared, but also mentally and emotionally ready to change careers.

Still, the CMS team doesn’t stop at just helping Clarusway’s current students. They also contact alumni on certain days of the week and meet them with an instructor, who will help them answer technical questions. The team wants to motivate alumni who are looking for a job.

“With the strong network system it has built, Clarusway has transformed its relationship with its interns into a lifelong model of friendship and solidarity. In this way, every member of our family joins hands and supports each other in finding opportunities in the best positions,” said Sarah.

Clarusway: supporting students to the fullest

Clarusway ensures you learn from industry experts who can effectively explain complex concepts to students. Meanwhile, mentors and teaching assistants help keep you focused and motivated, while career coaches get you job-ready from the start of your boot camp.

Ultimately, with Clarusway, you have a massive support system as you embark on a new journey to launch a tech profession. To learn more about the bootcamp learning and support network, you can schedule an appointment with a Clarusway advisor or start your Clarusway application here.

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