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Linux tutorials can be a great way to learn this Unix-like open-source operating system. This software tool is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is used for cybersecurity and system administration. Study Linux on your own time by searching for the best Linux tutorials for beginners. In this article you will find the best advanced Linux tutorials online written by technical experts.

We’ve also compiled a list of the best free Linux tutorials in case the budget is tight. Learning Linux is your first step to gain system administration superpowers. There are plenty of tech job opportunities out there. All you need to get started is a good internet connection.

Best Linux Tutorials for Beginners or Experts

Lesson name provider level
Advanced Linux Tutorial Linuxstoney Expert
Advanced Linux/UNIX User’s Guide Nate Singer Expert
Kali Linux Tutorial 2021 | Kali Linux for Beginners | Learn Kali Linux | Ethical Hacking Easy learning Beginner
Linux Administration Tutorial | Linux Tutorial | Linux course Intellipat Beginner
Linux Command Line Full Course: From Beginners to Experts. Bash Command Line Tutorials geeks lesson Beginner
Linux Essentials for Ethical Hackers – Complete InfoSec Course Expert
Linux for programmers Tech With Tim Expert
Linux full course in 5 hours | Linux tutorial for beginners Edureka Beginner
Linux Server Course – System Configuration and Operation Expert
Linux System Administration Full Course geeks lesson Beginner
Linux tutorial Ryan’s Tutorial Beginner
Linux tutorial EDUCBA Beginner
Linux Tutorial | Everything you need to know about Linux great learning Beginner
Linux/Unix Tutorial JavaTpoint Beginner
The 50 Most Popular Linux & Terminal Commands – Complete Course for Beginners Beginner

Best Linux Tutorials for Beginners

Linux tutorial

This free beginner’s guide by Ryan’s Tutorial covers the Linux bash command line. There are 13 parts with simple activities and practical examples. You will learn how to use common commands in Linux and how to manage file folders. During this tutorial you will also get tips and tricks to use Linux efficiently.

Ubuntu Linux Tutorial

EDUCBA provides this free tutorial for beginners to learn basic commands and the Linux operating system. The discussion covers some popular Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu and Debian. You will learn the system requirements and detailed steps to install them. This tutorial is great for mastering the Linux command line as it also includes plenty of useful command line instructions and basic file manipulation methods.

Kali Linux Tutorial 2021 | Kali Linux for Beginners | Learn Kali Linux | Ethical Hacking

This YouTube video from Simplilearn teaches you ethical hacking in just an hour with Kali Linux. The tutorial covers the stages of pen testing, the best tools for Kali Linux, proxy chain and Metasploit. Kali Linux is a Linux distribution often used for ethical hacking. If you want to learn ethical hacking with Linux, consider this great tutorial from Simplilearn.

Linux System Administration Full Course

Learn the basics of Linux for beginners in this six-hour video tutorial for beginners from Geek’s Lesson. It includes steps for installing Linux software, changing kernels, file systems available in Linux, and various troubleshooting techniques. This tutorial will give you the essential skills to become a Linux administrator.

This is one of the best Linux tutorials for beginners that teaches you Linux command line tools. The course covers commands such as ls, rmdir, mv, cd and sudo command. You will also learn how to set up Linux Ubuntu for Linux, Windows and Mac users and a brief discussion of popular operating systems.

Best Advanced Linux Tutorials

Linux for programmers

This YouTube tutorial from Tech With Tim is the first of our suggestions for the best advanced Linux tutorials. It has 15 video tutorials that discuss advanced features and commands of the Linux operating system. These include environment variables, text editors, shell scripts, deploying a Python web server, public and private key authentication (RSA), and more.

Linux Server Course – System Configuration and Operation

If you want to learn how to configure system servers in Linux for free, this tutorial will give you the necessary information. This YouTube video teaches you what Linux Kernel is, how to install and update software, and how to handle storage and server roles.

Advanced Linux Tutorial

This is a helpful tutorial for Linux Advanced users. Many tutorials teach you how to fix common problems in some Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Rocky Linux, and CentOS. You will also learn various operations in Linux such as installing an OpenSnitch firewall, accessing OneDrive on Linux, and building a Linux kernel.

Advanced Linux/UNIX User’s Guide

Learn some advanced operations in Linux from this YouTube video by Nate Singer. In less than an hour you will learn about alternative file descriptors, TTYs and PTYs, magic bytes and process recon/proc files with detailed explanations and actual demonstrations.

Linux Essentials for Ethical Hackers – Complete InfoSec Course

This is another helpful video for those who want to study how Linux can be used in ethical hacking. This YouTube video from will help you gain Linux skills that are important in penetration testing. You’ll learn how to configure the shells and bash, secure the SSH file system, use curl, and other Linux ethical hacking skills.

Best Free Linux Tutorials

Linux Command Line Full Course: From Beginners to Experts. Bash Command Line Tutorials

Study the Linux commands in this YouTube tutorial from Geek’s Lesson. It contains a list of commands useful when performing Linux operations. It also includes a detailed discussion of using echo, command substitution, parameter extension, and pathname extension.

Linux Tutorial | Everything you need to know about Linux

Another suggestion of the best free Linux tutorials is this written tutorial. You will learn the difference between Linux and other operating systems such as Unix and Windows with regard to their source code, architecture, current price, access rights and features. It also talks about important Linux functions and the Linux set command syntax.

Unix/Linux Tutorial

This JavaTpoint basic written user guide contains Linux commands to manage files and data directories. These include the root folder, parent folder, current working folder, and home folder. It also discusses file commands for identifying file attributes, as well as command line users.

Linux full course in 5 hours | Linux tutorial for beginners

Learn Linux software from this beginner’s guide from Edureka. It’s a five-hour video with a list of commands you can use in Linux and a variety of functions and operations for this operating system. You can also shell scripting, git command, admin access, manage user permissions and install a red hat package manager.

Linux Administration Tutorial | Linux Tutorial | Linux course

In this YouTube video you will learn Linux from the basics about files to advanced levels. This is a good tutorial for beginners who want to learn system administration in Linux. Topics covered include Linux file permissions, how a remote host can log into Linux, Unix process control commands, and how to display content in a file.

Linux Tutorials: The Best Way to Learn Linux

The best way to learn Linux is through Linux tutorials and coding bootcamps. Many free videos and written tutorials, including security tutorials, are available on the web and can give you the background knowledge you need. Whether you’re a beginner learning basic tasks or a software program guru looking to develop your skills, there are plenty of practical tutorials to help you out.

Linux sees all things as files, from a single file to a collection of files. There are regular files, image files, audio files, virtual files and real files. You get hands-on experience with coding boot camps. Several boot camps offer courses on Linux operating systems. Self-paced online programs allow you to study Linux at your own pace.

Linux Tutorials FAQ

What are some uses of Linux?

Applications of Linux include embedded system development, Android app development, game development, and real-time programs. Linux is one of the powerful tools used in computer security systems and servers.

Who Uses Linux?

Various technical functions use Linux such as Android app developers, system administrators, DevOps engineers, system engineers, network engineers, and software engineers. All these technical jobs offer a good salary and a competitive package with benefits.

What skills are needed for Linux administrators?

Technical skills required for Linux administrators include user account management, proficient skills in Structured Query Language (SQL), basic knowledge of network switches, hardware troubleshooting skills, and interpersonal skills.

What are the career options for Linux experts?

Career opportunities for Linux experts include game development, app development, systems administration, application development, and web development. Several prestigious companies use this powerful tool and hire professionals with Linux expertise, such as IBM, Amazon, Google, Meta and Microsoft.

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