Is Java worth learning? 5 reasons to learn Java

Despite being around for over 25 years, Java is still one of the most popular computer languages. However, is it worth learning Java in 2022, with the number of computer language choices increasing every year?

Learning a coding language is challenging, so it can be difficult to know which one to learn first. While your choice may depend on whether you want to pursue a career as a software developer, frontend developer, or backend developer, most developers will learn Java as their first language.

This guide will help you decide if it’s worth learning Java. We’ll discuss the basics of what Java is, some of the benefits Java can bring you, and how to learn Java for free.

What is Java?

Java is an object-oriented language used for developing mobile applications, desktop applications, games, database connections, and servers. It is designed to have a lesser implementation, this makes it fast, reliable and secure. This popular language was developed at Sun Microsystems by James Gosling and is now owned by Oracle.

Is Java worth learning in 2022?

Yes, Java is worth learning in 2022 because it is easy to learn, versatile, and one of the most popular programming languages. The Java API provides an excellent framework for development and is often the first program programmers and developers learn. Java is free to use and can run on all platforms.

Another reason to learn Java in 2022 is the high salary and high demand. Java developers earn an average salary of $100,648 per year and it is currently one of the most sought after jobs in the United States.

5 reasons why Java is worth learning

Though there are plenty of reasons why Java is worth learning and a favorite language of developers and technical services today. This section below will focus on the most important.

High usage in engineering industry

With over 12 million users worldwide, Java is an ideal language for those interested in developing mobile phone applications, especially if you want to focus on the booming Android mobile development market.


Java is an all-encompassing universal programming language, so learning Java will give you plenty of job opportunities. It is a much sought-after language that is only growing in popularity, meaning a wide variety of jobs are available and there is long-term job security.

Easy to learn

Java is easier to learn than most languages, making it ideal for beginners. As a general purpose programming language, it is used to build software for various applications. This makes it very accessible, versatile and therefore easier to learn.

Stable language

Java is one of the oldest programming languages. In 2020, Java celebrated its 25th anniversary with the launch of Java 16. During that time, it has proven itself as a stable language ideal for working on a range of projects, from web-based applications to video games to graphical interfaces.

Free to learn

Java is free to learn while working on personal projects. However, when Java is used for commercial purposes, there is a small fee. Overall, it is still one of the most affordable languages ​​to learn.

How to learn Java for free

In this section, we’ll take a look at how to learn Java for free and explore resources such as massive open online courses (MOOCs), boot camps, and online resources.

Source provider Source type Length
Free Online Resource CodeGym Online Tutorial 6 months
Free MOOC Helsinki MOOC MOOC 12 weeks
Free Online Resource Udemy Online Tutorial own pace
Free Boot Camp Course skill crush Boot camp course 3 months
Free Online Resource coursera Online Tutorial own pace

Is it worth learning Java?

Yes, learning Java is worth it. Although Java has been around for a long time, it has continued to grow and evolve. There are huge benefits to using Java as it is free to learn, popular, stable, and used to develop numerous applications. In addition, if you want to learn Java, a strong community is available to help you.

FAQ: Is Java worth learning?

Should I learn Java or Python?

Java and Python are both very popular languages, with extensive libraries and cross-platform support. Java is more popular as a web development tool while Python is more suitable for machine learning. Experienced developers should ideally learn both languages, but if you have to choose one, the preferred language will depend on the project you’re developing.

Will Java be used in the future?

Yes, Java will be used in the future. It has been a popular general purpose programming language for over 25 years and is still relevant today. Java has earned its position as one of the leading programming languages ​​and continues to power many of the software and web-based applications in use today.

Is Java Losing Popularity?

No, Java is still one of the most popular languages ​​today. New languages ​​will come and go, and Java’s popularity may fluctuate somewhat, but it is generally one of the best choices for developers and programmers for mobile development and modern web applications.

How long does it take to learn Java?

You can learn the basics of Java in about four months, but if you want to master Java extremely well, it takes about one to two years. If you need to learn Java quickly, a Java coding bootcamp is the best way to do it.

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