How to Get to Juilliard: Requirements, Acceptance Rate and Tips

Juilliard is a prestigious performing arts school that encompasses music, drama and dance. Students interested in these topics are also likely to be curious about how to get to Juilliard, as it is arguably the best performing arts school in the world. If you want to learn more about the requirements for admission into this prestigious school, then this article is for you.

Juilliard’s reputation shouldn’t be overlooked, so it’s important for interested high school students to understand what it takes. You need to know Juilliard’s requirements, Juilliard’s acceptance rate, and the top 10 tips for successfully making your way into Juilliard’s programs to truly understand how to get into Juilliard.

All about Juilliard recordings

Juilliard is a top performing arts school in the United States with a drama school, music school, and dance school with more than 25,000 alumni worldwide. Juilliard is an audition-based dream school for talented and creative students who want to advance their knowledge in the arts and reach the peak of their career. Below we have outlined the three most important eligibility factors that you should be aware of before applying.

Juilliard Acceptance Rate

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that only eight percent of 2,434 applicants were offered admission for the fall semester of 2020. Of the eight percent of people who received admission, 67 percent of those applicants enrolled in the school.

Juilliard GPA

Juilliard does not have a minimum standard for grade point averages (GPAs) or standardized tests, nor does it require preparatory high school courses. However, Juilliard’s admissions officers will review and evaluate your academic records and your personal essay to ensure you have what it takes to pass. Also, international students with a foreign language as their first language must show proof of English proficiency to be eligible.

Juilliard total enrollment

As of the fall of 2020, there were currently 589 undergraduate students, 372 graduates, and nine transfer-ins enrolled in the university. This brings the total number of enrollments at Juilliard to 961 students.

Juilliard Requirements

  • Online app. As with all universities, you must submit an online application to Juilliard on or before the deadline. Create your Juilliard account, collect your application materials and carefully follow the application instructions.
  • Personal essay. A personal essay is your personal statement that allows the admissions committee to learn more about you than your application and transcripts. Your essay must be original and no more than two pages. Explain why you want to participate in your chosen program and state your goals.
  • transcripts. High school or undergraduate transcripts should be sent to the school for review. This helps the admissions team determine if you are academically inclined to excel at their school. However, do not send your transcripts until they are requested.
  • Letters of Recommendation. Later in the application process, two letters of recommendation from people who can vouch for you will be sent to the university. An email will be sent to these people with a link to securely upload the letter into the Juilliard application system. Only letters received in this way will be accepted.
  • resume. Candidates must upload a one or two page resume. Your detailed, professional resume should include your name, education, and any experience related to your major. Your resume must be uploaded in a .doc file format or a .pdf format.
  • Photographer. Dance and drama candidates must submit a photo or portrait of themselves. Professional photos are not required and there is no specified image size for the image to be sent.

Is it difficult to get to Juilliard?

Yes, Juilliard is one of the most difficult schools to enter in the United States. Their acceptance rate is extremely low, just eight percent, which is an indication of how competitive Juilliard needs to be. The reason for this competitiveness is that Juilliard is the best performing arts school in the world, with high entry requirements and an important reputation in classical art history.

How to Prepare for a Juilliard Interview?

Instead of an interview, Juilliard organizes auditions for prospective students. Candidates whether applying for music, drama or dance are required to audition. Audition requirements include proof of complete vaccination against COVID-19, attending a virtual information session, and seeking out your specific audition date.

The audition process is one of the most important aspects of the admissions process. If you are selected for a callback audition, you will receive an email with registration instructions. Be quick because places are limited. Auditions are different based on what you’re auditioning for, but for dancers, it’s an all-day process consisting of 5 stages. Be sure to review all audition requirements.

10 tips to get to Juilliard

Juilliard applicants must have an artistic gift, determination and dedication to attend Juilliard school. Discover the different phases and steps in each phase that you need to be aware of if you want to be admitted to Juilliard. Below are 10 tips for attending Juilliard school.

1. Learn and practice

Having someone to guide you will help you master the necessary skills and techniques, while encouraging you to practice so you can improve and succeed. A teacher is a great example of a mentor as he will assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you work on each of them. Practice for at least an hour daily to help develop your skills.

2. Expand your skills and compete with others

Increase your knowledge of your chosen topic to broaden your repertoire. Musicians can expand their knowledge of musical techniques and different instruments, while dancers can choose different dance styles instead of just being good at them. Those in the stage field can choose acting roles outside their comfort zone and push themselves to get better.

As you improve your skills, you must also push yourself against the very best in your field. Look for competitions, masterclasses and lectures to attend. Public performances can help you master stage fright, making your auditions easier.

3. Plan your auditions

Select what you want to do and work with your mentor. Make sure your choice effectively showcases your talents and ask others for their thoughts on how you can improve. The more input you get, the better you can tailor your performance to your audition. Once you’ve chosen your audition performance, practice constantly, build your confidence and master your performance.

4. Do mock auditions

Invite friends and family to act as judges as you perform your audition piece. Ask them for their feedback. Doing this will give you an idea of ​​how your actual audition will go. Tweak and change your performance based on their criticism, and don’t take their feedback to heart as it will help you later.

5. Execute Basic Logistics

Check the Juilliard website to find the requirements for the auditions. Auditions vary based on specialization and each has different requirements that you need to be prepared for. From dress code to stages of the audition process, you must fully understand what Juilliard School expects of you to ensure your success. If anything is unclear, please contact the administration.

6. Get enough rest

A good rest before your audition will give you the energy and focus you need for your audition. As cliché as it may sound, taking a rest is a simple, yet helpful step to ensure you’re doing your best.

7. Grab some breakfast before your audition

On the day of your audition, it is crucial to provide yourself with a complete breakfast. Since the nature of these auditions is quite physical, a balanced breakfast will ensure you have the energy to perform well, keep your blood sugar levels up despite the nerves, and reduce brain fog.

8. Dress appropriately

As mentioned before, there may be a dress code. Dancers are required to wear leotards, while musicians are required to dress professionally. If you’re not sure, ask trusted family or friends for advice on what to wear, and check the audition requirements page on the Juilliard website to make sure you meet the requirements.

9. Take last minute action

Practice a few more times before your audition to instill confidence and security in yourself. Ask a family member, friend, or mentor to stay with you and help you practice, or even offer moral support.

10. Give it your best chance

Just do your best at your audition. You’ve done the work to get yourself to this point, and you’ve honed your skills. Remember, Juilliard is a very competitive institution with an acceptance rate of just eight percent, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t pass your audition. Regardless of the outcome, this learning experience will complement your professional toolbox.

What does it take to get to Juilliard?

Getting to Juilliard requires not only good transcripts and an impressive application, but also the determination and talent of passionate people who want to contribute to the performing arts. Being a Juilliard applicant encourages both personal and professional growth and learning outside of the classroom. Enroll in one of Juilliard’s many creative programs today and begin your professional and academic future at this dream school.

How to access Juilliard FAQ

Is it worth going to Juilliard?

Yes, attending Juilliard is very rewarding, especially for those who are very passionate and driven in the performing arts. The training at Juilliard may be rigorous, but you will definitely develop your skills and become a top performer.

Is Juilliard the best music school?

Yes, Juilliard is considered the best music school in the US and is synonymous with musical excellence. Furthermore, Juilliard is the number one performing arts school in the world.

Where do Juilliard students live?

Juilliard students who are pursuing an undergraduate program or otherwise have no previous college teaching experience must reside in the on-campus Meredith Willson Residence Hall.

Does Juilliard have a meal plan?

Juilliard School students living in the hall must follow a meal plan that is included in their room and board. The students are originally placed on a 19 meals a week plan, but can switch to another plan upon arrival on campus if they wish.

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