How to Access UPenn: Requirements, Acceptance Rate and Tips

The University of Pennsylvania, more commonly known as UPenn or Penn, is one of eight Ivy League schools and is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, meaning if you’re wondering how to get to UPenn, you’re not alone.

This article outlines all the necessary information you need to know about UPenn application requirements and UPenn acceptance rate. These important factors affect your chances of being accepted into a UPenn program during the competitive admission process. You will also find tips on how to gain an advantage in your university application.

All about UPenn admissions

As a esteemed Ivy League school, the University of Pennsylvania has one of the most selective admissions processes in the country. The university is ranked 8th among national universities and has a competitive application process. Admissions officers look at prospective students’ credentials, reports, and letters of recommendation.

UPenn accepts the Common Application and Coalition Application. Student applicants can also apply through the QuestBridge National College Match Finalists. The QuestBridge application is useful for exemplary students in need of financial aid.

Below are some important factors about UPenn’s withdrawals to keep in mind. They will determine the difficulty you might face during your job application journey as a new freshman.

UPenn Acceptance Rate

UPenn’s acceptance rate was 9 percent for the 2020-2021 academic year. It is one of the most selective schools in the country. In the fall of 2020, there were a total of 42,204 applications, and only 3,789 were accepted as undergraduate students.


If you chose to enroll in UPenn, you must have a high school GPA. Ninety-six percent of students admitted in the fall of 2020 have excellent grades and are in the top 10 percent of their class. However, because UPenn also accepts international students, the admissions committee also looks at alternative programs and how challenging they are.

UPenn total registration

For the fall of 2021, the University of Pennsylvania had a total enrollment of 28,038, including part-time students and graduate students. Undergraduate enrollment totals 10,106, of which 3,789 are incoming freshmen. Meanwhile, 12,924 full-time professionals/graduate students are enrolled for the fall of 2021.

When it comes to international students, UPenn had 7,830 applicants for the fall of 2020. Of that figure, 474 students, or 6.1 percent, received favorable admissions decisions. International students comprise 11 percent of freshmen at Penn. UPenn had enrolled a total of 5,183 international students by the fall of 2020.

UPenn Requirements

  • Application fees or exemption from fees. Each UPenn applicant must pay a $75 application fee. However, applications submitted through QuestBridge are free. A fee waiver is also granted to eligible applicants. These include active duty personnel and veterans of the United States Armed Forces.
  • Application form and Penn specific essay. The application form depends on whether you are applying through the Common or Coalition application platforms. Penn-specific essays should discuss why you are applying to UPenn and why you chose this particular undergraduate school.
  • Official transcript and school report. UPenn’s admissions officers consider whether you have taken courses in the major academic areas such as English, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science or Foreign Languages. Self-challenging students who have completed college preparatory programs have a higher chance of being admitted.
  • Letters of Recommendation. UPenn requires three letters of recommendation that you can submit in two combinations. The first option is letters of recommendation from two teachers and a school counselor. The second is letters of recommendation from a school counselor, a teacher, and someone you know well, such as a mentor.
  • Semi-annual report. Deadlines are different for early decision applicants and regular decision applicants. If you are a regular decision applicant, a high school official must submit your interim grades as they come in.
  • Final report. Applicants must submit the final report for graduating students by June.
  • Standardized test scores. SAT/ACTs are not required for the 2022-23 admission cycle. If you have already taken the tests, you can still submit the standardized test results. Students are encouraged to submit their full test history.
  • Job interviews. More than 90 percent of student applicants are offered interviews. These are run by UPenn alumni volunteers and can be held virtually.
  • Supplement to the visual arts. If you are applying to an art or music degree program, you must submit a portfolio. Admissions officers will not review your portfolio unless it involves fine arts, digital media, music or architecture.
  • Materials for financial aid. UPenn has many financial aid packages and scholarships available for its students. Admissions committees for each academic program will review the required items submitted and decide whether you are eligible for financial aid.

Is it hard to get to Penn?

The University of Pennsylvania is getting harder to get into every year. The 2025 incoming class had an admission rate of 5.9 percent. There is no hard and fast rule for entering UPenn, but if you maintain a high GPA and take the entry requirements seriously, you have a higher chance of getting into this Ivy League.

How do you prepare for a Penn interview?

As mentioned above, 90 percent of UPenn applicants are offered an interview by volunteer alumni interviewers. If you are called, be sure to respond quickly and dress appropriately, even if it is a virtual interview. There are several ways to prepare and record your college interviews. Below are sample interview questions to help you practice.

Penn . Interview Questions

  • What sets you apart from other UPenn applicants?
  • What are your interests outside of the classroom?
  • Out of all the schools and universities in the United States, why did you choose UPenn?
  • What values ​​and principles do you live by?
  • What fascinates you most about studying at the University of Pennsylvania?

10 tips to access UPenn

As an Ivy League school, the Penn admissions team has a high standard when it comes to accepting students. If Penn is your dream school, below are 10 tips that can help you prepare for and access UPenn.

1. Complete all application requirements

The first thing you can do to ensure that you get admission into UPenn is to meet all the entry requirements. Prepare all necessary documents and additional requirements in advance so that you do not forget anything.

2. Pay attention to deadlines

Different application procedures have different deadlines. If you are applying through QuestBridge, Common or Coalition, please keep in mind the deadlines for the personal essays, interviews and document submission dates.

3. Get high grades

The University of Pennsylvania values ​​hard work above all else. As a student, hard work is represented by grades in high school. Your school statement is one of the most important documents you submit to UPenn. Maintaining a high GPA and having excellent standardized test results can give you a higher chance of being admitted.

4. Do your research

Choosing your undergraduate degree and major is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. High school students can choose from four UPenn schools: Penn Engineering, Wharton Business School, College of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Nursing.

5. Write great essays

One of the requirements for Penn admissions is the job application essay. You must submit a personal essay and two additional essays explaining why you chose your particular program and school. Your personal essay should delve deeper into your personal qualities. Your supplemental essay should address questions about your program and major.

6. Provide Great Letters of Recommendation

In addition to the essays, UPenn also looks at your school environment to get to know you better. You should submit letters of recommendation highlighting your strengths, skills, and any academic programs you have attended.

7. Take advanced classes and UPenn sponsored programs

There are many boot camps and specialized programs you can attend to prepare for your career. UPenn is one of the top universities that offers a coding bootcamp if you want to break into technology. Attending a specialized or university preparatory program based on your academic pursuits will increase your chances of admission to be a successful candidate.

8. Network with alumni

Networking can help you get a foot in the door, especially if you need a mentor for a letter of recommendation. The University of Pennsylvania has one of the best and widest alumni networks. Students and graduates often contact them for professional opportunities. It wouldn’t hurt to ask alumni for tips on how to get to UPenn and succeed.

9. Benefit from an early decision

By registering as early as possible, you will be included in the first batch of students who receive an admission decision. However, if you need time to improve your GPA, get standardized test scores, or engage in more extracurricular activities, it’s best to consider regular decisions rather than early ones.

10. Don’t go overboard

Although UPenn has a competitive application process, it is best to stick to the list of requirements. Don’t go overboard with your submissions. While it’s tempting to embellish your application and submit more than necessary additions, it’s best to keep your application concise. Your academic record, essays and recommendations should speak for themselves.

What does it take to get to Penn?

UPenn seeks students with a thirst for knowledge and a passion to serve society. Your high grades, compelling essays, and great recommendations should highlight how you did in high school. UPenn is looking for students who are not afraid to be challenged, grow and share their talents to make the world a better place.

How to access Penn FAQ

Who is the founder of the University of Pennsylvania?

The University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin. He saw it as a school that would educate young people in business, science, government and public service. UPenn considers itself America’s first university.

What is UPenn known for?

UPenn is known for its business courses at Wharton Business School. Wharton’s business and finance programs are considered the best in the world. UPenn also has notable programs under the School of Education, Penn Engineering, Law School, and School of Medicine.

Is it UPenn or Penn?

Most alumni refer to the University of Pennsylvania as Penn, but those who don’t know or don’t attend the university usually refer to it as UPenn.

Who are some famous alumni of UPenn?

A famous alumnus is tech businessman Elon Musk who was offered a full scholarship to Wharton Business School in the 1990s. Civil rights attorney Gloria Allred received her Bachelor of Arts in English from UPenn in the 1960s. Actress Elizabeth Banks who graduated magna cum laude, and soulful singer John Legend are also graduates of UPenn.

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