Highest Paying Technology Careers

The technology sector occupies a large part of the current job market, especially after the pandemic. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and information technology (IT) will grow by 13 percent between 2020 and 2030. The following article covers the highest paying jobs in technology, technology careers, and other technology salaries.

Technology jobs usually require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. However, the highest paying jobs in technology also require a certain level of related experience, relevant skills and a graduate degree. So let’s take a look at the jobs, education required, and technology salaries for high paying careers in technology.

What do tech jobs pay?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for technology jobs was $91,250 per year in 2020. The annual wage for technology jobs depends on the type of job. For example, in 2020, web developers earned an average salary of $77,200, while computer researchers earned $126,830. Technical jobs for managers tend to be the highest paying jobs in technology, and in 2020 they paid a median of $72.67 per hour or $151,150 per year, according to BLS.

Technology Job Outlook

Job prospects for technology careers are 11 percent higher than the average for all occupations between 2020 and 2030, according to BLS. Projected openings in management technology careers during this time are approximately 42,400 for computer and information systems. These new openings will primarily result from workers leaving the workforce through retirement or transferring to other technology professions.

Satisfaction with the work of technology

Technology jobs have one of the highest rates of job satisfaction in the US. According to a Glassdoor survey of the 50 Best Jobs in America for 2022, seven of the top 10 jobs on the list are technology jobs. The technology job at the top of this list is an Enterprise Architect, with an average salary of $144,997 per year. The career has 14,021 job openings in 2022.

Salaries in Technology: Lucrative Careers in Technology

Technology Careers Technology Salaries Work outlook Minimum education
Enterprise Architect $151,689 5%* Bachelor’s degree
IT program manager $151,150 11% Bachelor’s degree
Software Engineering Manager $149,530 4% Bachelor’s degree
Software Development Manager $127,171 11%** Bachelor’s degree
Data Architect $123,052 8%*** Bachelor’s degree
Solutions Architect $121,311 8%*** Bachelor’s degree
Application Development Manager $117,571 11%** Bachelor’s degree
System architect $117,165 5%* Bachelor’s degree
data scientist $97,140 22%**** Bachelor’s degree
cloud engineer $91,409 5%* Bachelor’s degree

*This is based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data on computer network architects

**This is based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data on computer and information systems administrators

*** This is based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data on database administrators and architects

**** This is based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data on computer and information researchers

Highest-paying jobs in technology: in detail

Enterprise Architect

  • Average salary: $151,689

Enterprise architects have one of the highest paying technical jobs with a hefty annual salary. Becoming an enterprise architect requires a wide range of soft and technical skills, including making information technology systems more efficient and developing enterprise architecture. The job also requires good management, business and analytical skills.

IT program manager

  • Average salary: $151,150

The best career path for program managers is in IT. IT program managers are technical experts who develop new ideas, products, and features to create revenue streams and turn a profit. They need soft skills to lead software and hardware design teams, oversee the software development process, and act as a liaison between a software developer and product management teams.

Software Engineering Manager

  • Average salary: $149,530

The software engineering manager career path is an alternative path for senior software developers to significantly improve their annual pay by progressing into a managerial position. They lead a team of software engineers, help with larger projects and train junior software developers.

Other tasks for software engineering managers include analyzing, designing, and developing test automation suites, developing a processing platform, and ongoing maintenance of existing systems.

Software Development Manager

  • Average salary: $127,171

These professionals assist in the design, development and implementation of software and handle the technical and design sides of software projects. This requires collaboration with team members and stakeholders to determine customer needs. It also includes analyzing and testing products before launch, effectively solving coding problems, and ensuring software security.

Data Architect

  • Average salary: $123,052

One of the most in-demand jobs in the tech industry is data architecture. These professionals are responsible for leading the evaluation, proof-of-concepts, negotiation and selection of products and tools to support the data strategy. This role is also responsible for creating, managing, organizing and analyzing a database for business insights into consumer needs and making suggestions.

Solutions Architect

  • Average salary: $121,311

Becoming a solution architect requires a minimum of two years of practical programming experience, and the ability to diagnose and solve technical problems, create a secure platform, and work with a team. It also requires a computer-related bachelor’s degree, great soft skills, experience with machine learning (ML), and proven knowledge of systems architecture.

Application Development Manager

  • Average salary: $117,571

This engineering career involves collecting customer input, business insights, and sales intelligence to create, test, and deploy software solutions and applications. It provides technical support, training and expertise to customers on applications, manages the development team, creates data reports and implements improvements to meet customer needs.

System architect

  • Average salary: $117,165

The job of a systems architect is in high demand in the engineering industry. It encompasses the design, operation, and maintenance of communications networks and systems on which a company’s infrastructure depends. System architects provide technical support to software teams, systems analysts, and systems engineers to create, monitor, and deploy end-to-end integrated systems.

data scientist

  • Average salary: $97,140

Data scientist salaries are among the highest in technology. A data scientist must have a tech-related bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of experience in creating data architectures. Knowledge of machine learning, advanced statistics and data mining techniques are also essential, as is knowledge of programming languages ​​such as R, Python and SQL.

cloud engineer

  • Average salary: $91,409

Another high paying job in the tech sector is that of a cloud engineer. Cloud engineers are responsible for repairing and recovering hardware, software, and process failures. They also provide recovery and backup support for cloud resources, coach other engineers, and ensure the quality of design systems and architecture.

Resources to find the highest paying jobs in technology

  • Online job sites: Online job boards, portals and websites are great places to look for the highest paying jobs in technology. Job boards can be specifically designed for a technical niche field or for a wider audience.
  • Active events and conferences: Events, conferences and lectures related to the tech industry are a great way to discover new, emerging and high paying opportunities in tech.
  • Social media groups: There are many active and verified social media groups on social media platforms where job seekers can track new tech jobs and salaries.
  • Technical websites: Major tech companies like Apple and Microsoft are constantly updating and posting available job openings on their websites, so it’s worth browsing through often for the highest paying jobs in tech.
  • Networking and personal connections: Building strong connections throughout your career in technology and networking can lead to great opportunities in any field, and the technology field is no exception. Your highest paying tech job may be just one great recommendation away.

Is technology a good career path?

Yes, technology is a good career path. The requirement for every career in tech is different. Tech professionals who are clear about their career paths and actively working towards their goals can certainly land a high paying tech job. Those aspiring to become a software architect, database administrator, or IT product manager need focus to achieve their desired career path.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment prospects for technology occupations are rising more than the average growth rate for all other occupations. The BLS expects approximately 667,600 new jobs to be created between 2020 and 2030. The most in-demand tech careers in the near future are expected to be in cloud computing, big data, and information security.

Highest Paying Jobs in Technology FAQ

What is the highest paying engineering job?

Enterprise architects have the highest paying engineering jobs in the US. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of an enterprise architect is $151,689. They are closely followed by IT manager positions in product, software application development, hardware or data.

Which entry-level tech jobs pay the most?

The highest paying entry-level technical job in the US is an IT product manager. According to Statista, the average annual salary of an IT product manager is $102,156. Other high paying technical jobs include those of a computer systems analyst, systems administrators, web developer, technical support analyst, information security analyst, and software developer.

What is the minimum education requirement for a job in engineering?

To secure a job in engineering, the usual minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree. However, you can also get the necessary knowledge through the best coding bootcamps. This type of program provides you with the necessary skills to secure a job in the tech sector.

Which technology company pays the most?

According to Statista, Google, Palo Alto Networks and NVIDIA include tech companies that pay the highest in tech jobs. As of 2022, most tech companies are investing most in cybersecurity and cloud migration, so security analysts, security engineers and the like will undoubtedly earn higher annual wages.

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