GraphQL Tutorials: Learn GraphQL Online for Free

GraphQL tutorials are interactive and engaging to make it easier for students to learn this query programming language. However, the internet is huge and searching for the best GraphQL tutorials for beginners or advanced can be a challenge.

This article highlights some of the best GraphQL tutorials for beginners. Experts will also find it helpful as we shed light on some of the best advanced GraphQL tutorials, and if you’re on a tight budget, we’ve also included a list of the best free GraphQL tutorials.

Best GraphQL Tutorials for Beginners or Experts

Lesson name provider level
A Beginner’s Guide to GraphQL FreeCodeCamp Free Beginner’s Guide
A Complete Beginner’s Guide to GraphQL we learn code Free Beginner’s Guide
Advanced GraphQL, v2 Front End Masters Advanced
GraphQL Advanced LearnIXnet Advanced
GraphQL on the move Beginner
GraphQL full course – from beginner to expert YouTube Free Beginner’s Guide
GraphQL Tutorial Tutorials point Beginner
GraphQL Tutorial For Beginners: What Is, Features & Example Guru99 Free Beginner’s Guide
GraphQL with NodeJs: from beginners to advanced concepts Udemy Beginner
GraphQL with React: The Complete Developer’s Guide Udemy Beginner
How To GraphQL – The Fullstack Tutorial For GraphQL Beginner
Introduction to GraphQL Free Beginner’s Guide
Clientside GraphQL learning with Apollo Advanced
Learning GraphQL with Prisma and NodeJs Udemy Advanced
REST & GraphQL – A Discussion on API Design Advanced

Best GraphQL Tutorials for Beginners

GraphQL in motion –

This beginners course will help you master the fundamental components of GraphQL. You understand data types, GraphQL schemas, and queries used in this database query. The developers of this course made it easy to learn complex concepts through quality lessons and short videos from industry experts. This course costs $59.99.

GraphQL Tutorial – Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint is known for its free online coding resources, including this one designed for complete beginners. This tutorial contains a lot of PDF and online articles that will introduce you to GraphQL. You will learn concepts of GraphQL including architecture, GraphQL query, GraphQL server, client-side database schema, Apollo Client, and client-side caching.

This tutorial includes a question and answer section designed to test your understanding. Advanced users may find the video tutorials helpful as they cover a variety of topics, including creating GraphQL APIs with ASP.Net core, ReactJS, and MongoDB.

GraphQL with NodeJs: From Beginners to Advanced Concepts – Udemy

GraphQL API offers a wide range of features including efficiency, robustness, and flexibility, making it a great alternative to REST. Purchasing this course entitles you to many tutorials, including a two and a half hour on-demand video, three articles, and access on mobile and TV.

This tutorial covers the basics of GraphQL, NodeJs, CRUD operations with MongoDB, applications with authentication, authorization, pagination filtering, fragments, caching, batching and testing with Jest, among other important topics. It costs $84.99.

GraphQL with React: The Complete Guide for Developers – Udemy

You will quickly learn that choosing a good backend server is important if you are new to web development. This tutorial will help you get started with GraphQL as it lays a solid foundation for building client-side react applications.

Other topics covered in this tutorial include combining the backend server with a frontend react, developing responsive apps, and mastering authentication with GraphQL. Purchasing this course provides you with many resources, including video tutorials, articles, and access on mobile and TV. It costs $84.99.

How to Use GraphQL – The Full Stack Tutorial for GraphQL –

If you are on a budget and want to teach yourself GraphQL, check out this tutorial as it is a free and open source program. It contains a ton of videos covering GraphQL basics, tooling, GraphQL client frameworks, and the big picture (architecture).

Best Advanced GraphQL Tutorials

Advanced GraphQL, v2 – Front-end Masters

This tutorial, created by Scott Moss, features a three hour 25 minute on-demand video covering advanced GraphQL concepts. It is designed for experienced developers and will help you become more familiar with building GraphQL applications.

You create a GraphQL server, learn authentication, subscriptions, errors, testing, guidelines, implementation and cache. There are monthly and annual plans that cost $39 and $390 respectively.

GraphQL Advanced – LearnIXnet/YouTube

Although this is a webinar, it contains an online video that comes in a tutorial format. It covers filters, patches, building advanced GraphQL queries, and integrations with languages ​​such as Python and Java.

Clientside GraphQL learning with Apollo –

GraphQL and Apollo make data flow in APIs clean and easy to master. This tutorial stands out because it provides comprehensive and interactive transcripts for navigation. The tutorials also provide practice-based learning to help students gain hands-on experience with database development on the front-end and back-end. It costs $27.99.

Learning GraphQL with Prisma and NodeJs – Udemy

This two-hour course is taught online through a series of short and interactive tutorials. You will learn GraphQL mutations, queries, interaction with GraphQL applications with Prisma, filtering, pagination and sorting. It costs $84.99, which entitles you to 6 articles, a certificate and full-time access on mobile and TV.

REST & GraphQL – A Discussion on API Design –

More than 1000 developers have rated this book positively on the developer forum. It is for developers who hesitate between REST and GraphQL. The book describes API technology, including the strengths and weaknesses of both REST and GraphQL, and costs $19.99.

Best Free GraphQL Tutorials

A Beginner’s Guide to GraphQL – FreeCodeCamp

The Beginner’s Guide to GraphQL is a guide provided as a tutorial by Leonardo Maldonado. It covers most introductory topics in GraphQL, such as questions, mutations, and subscriptions. What makes this tutorial stand out is that it gives examples of what your source code/query type should look like with in-depth explanations.

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to GraphQL – We Learn Code

This guide shows you how to quickly create APIs managed by services like Amazon’s AWS AppSync. This tutorial has many examples of what your terminal run should look like, along with explanations. You will first learn how to set up GraphQL and then move on to create data using mutations and queries.

GraphQL Full Course – Beginner to Expert – YouTube

If you prefer to learn through videos, consider this free codecamp YouTube video. It is a popular choice for students learning GraphQL with over 376,000 views. In this YouTube video you will learn how to build a full GraphQL application from scratch using a GraphQL server on NodeJS and React front end with Apollo. You will also learn how to use MongoDB to store data.

GraphQL Tutorial For Beginners: What Is, Features & Example – Guru99

As the name suggests, this database tutorial is best suited for beginning students with no previous coding experience. This tutorial shows the basic functions of GraphQL and its main components. It also includes many examples in GraphQL queries followed by in-depth explanations.

Introduction to GraphQL –

One of the best ways to learn GraphQL is to use resources uploaded on the official webpage. This tutorial introduces beginners to this query language and then teaches about queries and mutations, schemas and types, validation, execution, and introspection, among other useful topics.

GraphQL Tutorials: The Best Way to Learn GraphQL

GraphQL tutorials packed with practice questions and challenges provide an in-depth learning experience for developers. Courses, training, and online GraphQL resources also make learning the programming language easier. It is also helpful to join an active GraphQL community.

However, you should also participate in a GraphQL coding bootcamp as they offer immersive and rigorous courses designed to help you learn a wide variety of coding and query languages. They have become popular in recent years because they are a cheaper alternative to a college degree. They also offer career services to help you find a job after graduation.

GraphQL Tutorials FAQ

Is it easy to learn GraphQL?

It is easy to learn GraphQL compared to other query languages. GraphQL is well designed and very easy to learn and use. You can learn this exciting technology in a matter of days with dedication and dedication, and using tutorials or GraphQL courses or training.

What is the best way to learn GraphQL?

The best way to learn GraphQL is to search for the best advanced GraphQL tutorials, tutorials for beginners, reading books, attending coding boot camps and online courses. There are plenty of excellent ways to learn this language. Do what suits you best. For example, if you prefer learning through interactive and engaging resources, consider videos and practice challenges. You can also visit the GraphQL website and see how it works.

Is GraphQL backend or frontend?

GraphQL is neither a back-end nor a front-end query language. Rather, it is a technology used to exchange information between backend and frontend frameworks.

What are alternatives to GraphQL?

Some of the most popular alternatives to GraphQL are Apollo, Oracle PL/SQL, Amazon Neptune, and CubeJs. RESTful API is better for complex queries, but GraphQL has faster response times, making it a popular choice for most front-end and backend developers. But there are many considerations to be made when it comes to the REST vs GraphQL debate.

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