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Many people aspire to technical careers as the demand for technical professionals continues to rise and salaries grow. Careers in software development are no exception. If you are interested in a career in software development, you are probably curious about the earning potential in this field.

If you want to know how much software developers earn, you’ve come to the right place. But the answer may not be as simple as you might expect. Salaries for this profession vary due to factors such as location and experience. Read on for a complete breakdown of how much software developers earn and how much freelance software developers earn.

Software Developer Salary: An Overview of How Much Software Developers Earn

  • Average salary:


  • 10th percentile salary

    : $65,210

  • Salary 90th percentile:


Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that the median annual wage for software developers is $110,140. This is a high wage compared to other tech industry jobs, such as web developers who earn an average salary of $77,200 per year, or computer programmers, who earn an average salary of $89,190 per year.

How much do software developers earn per hour?

The median hourly wage for software developers is $52.95, according to BLS. This average wage is likely to vary depending on factors such as education level and years of experience. Experienced specialists will earn more than junior programmers.

Do software developers make good money?

Yes, software developers make good money. In fact, they are among the highest paid professionals in the tech industry. Other comparable high-paying occupations in this field include system software developers and software engineers.

The median annual salary for all occupations in the United States is $56,310, and the national median developer salary is nearly double $110,140. Job seekers should keep in mind that developing strong technical skills in this field is a great investment in their future earning potential.

How much do software developers earn? A breakdown of salary by location, experience and skills

How much a software developer earns is closely related to their experience and skills. Having years of experience is crucial, but possessing a specific set of skills can affect your salary just as much. Location is also another factor that affects pay. Working as a software developer in certain cities can help you earn a higher annual wage.

Software Developer Salaries by Location

Metropolitan areas pay higher wages for software developers. Silicon Valley cities like tech hub San Francisco are home to hundreds of major tech companies, so the competition is fierce. Companies here will typically pay more for experienced developers. Below is our list of the top five highest-paid cities for software developers based on data from ZipRecruiter.

Venus, a software engineer at Rockbot

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Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot


25th percentile salary

Median salary

75th percentile salary

San Mateo




Berkeley, California




Irvine, CA




Stamford, Connecticut




Orange, CA




Software Developer Salaries by Experience Level

The salaries of software developers vary according to their years of experience. That’s why we’ve included experience levels in our list for software developers, from entry-level professionals and junior programmers to intermediate-level specialists and senior experts. All data comes from PayScale.

Experience Level

10th percentile salary

Median salary

Salary 90th percentile

Entry Level Software Developer




Junior specialist




Mid-level expert




Senior developer




Experienced expert




Software Developer Salaries by Skill

There are different types of developer positions, including application software developers, mobile developers, and system developers. These positions require different skills related to specific programs and programming languages. The most popular languages ​​are Java and JavaScript.

A software developer job that requires expertise in Java earns the highest salaries, while JavaScript, SQL, .Net, and C# yield slightly lower salaries. We gathered data from Payscale and made a list of the highest earning programming skills for software developers.


10th percentile salary

Median salary

Salary 90th percentile





















How much do freelance software developers earn?

The most recent data shows that an average freelance software developer earns $113,499 per year, according to ZipRecruiter. However, the same report from early 2022 shows that this annual salary could range from $24,000 to $398,000. When it comes to freelancing software developers, there are many factors that make it difficult to generalize the annual salary.

Software developer Job Outlook

The job outlook for software developers is bright. The tech field is constantly growing and software developers will always be needed. BLS estimates that there will be 22 percent employment growth for software developers by 2030.

With 189,200 projected job openings for software developers, software quality analysts and testers per year, it is clear that software developers have a promising future with many career development opportunities.

Is software development a good career?

Yes, a career in software development is a good idea. With a high average salary range at the junior, mid, or senior levels, this salary will allow you to live comfortably in any US state. There is a huge demand for software developers, especially senior software developers and software engineers.

With this demand comes solid job security in the field and many opportunities for job growth. So if you develop the skills, gain experience and become more specialized, then you can make good money from software development.

How much do software developers earn? FAQ

What are the skills of software developers?

They should have excellent math, analytical and problem-solving skills, along with an understanding of specific programming languages. Other skills that distinguish a good software developer from an excellent one are good organizational, time management and communication skills.

How long does it take to become a software developer?

How long it takes to become a software developer varies from person to person. It can take anywhere from four months to four years depending on your technical experience, professional background and career path. By enrolling in a top coding boot camp, you can learn the software development process and become a software developer in six months to a year.

Is it fun to be a software developer?

A career in software development is fun for people who enjoy puzzles, problem solving and technology. This field can be exciting and enjoyable if you are willing to learn and constantly challenge yourself. While it can be difficult to get your first job as a software developer, once you get in, you have a lot of job opportunities.

Do you need a degree to become a software developer?

No, you don’t need to have a degree in software development or a specific level of education to be a software developer. Some software companies prefer advanced degrees, but most do not require a computer science degree. If you have the right technical and soft skills, you can get an entry-level job with a technology company or many other companies in several major industries.

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