Free Web Development Boot Camps: Learn Web Development for Free

Web development is a challenging and in-demand field, so it’s no surprise that boot camps and courses can be expensive. However, there are several free boot camps and web development courses available online and in person with a flexible schedule. In this roundup, we’ve rounded up the best free options available.

The free web development courses below are some of the most highly regarded and highly rated programs. They cover a variety of topics from basic HTML and CSS to more advanced JavaScript and React. So regardless of your experience level, you’re sure to find a program that fits your needs.

Free Coding Boot Camps to Learn Web Development

coding boot camp Free Web Development Program Place Format
Ada Developers Academy Full stack web development Seattle, Atlanta In person, online
Bay Valley Tech Code Academy Modesto, California Online
codecademy Introduction to HTML and CSS New York Online
Code platoon Full Stack Development Boot Camp Chicago Hybrid
Iron School Free Introduction to Coding New York Online, in person
Frontend Masters Web Development Boot Camp Minneapolis, Minnesota Online
Full Stack Academy Future Code NYC New York Online
Mississippi Coding Academics Full stack software development Jackson, Starkville and South Jackson, Mississippi In person
Resilient Coders Resilient Boot Camp Boston, Massachusetts In person
SkillCrush Free coding camp New York Online

Best Free Coding Boot Camps to Learn Web Development

Many great coders can help you become a web developer. While there are many expensive boot camps out there, many great free coding boot camps can teach you just as much. Below we discuss the best free coding bootcamps to learn web development and secure your dream job.

Full stack web development | Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy, named after its first programmer, Ada Lovelace, is a women-only coding bootcamp in downtown Seattle. The full-stack web development bootcamp starts with six months of instruction followed by a five-month paid internship.

Ada Developers Academy not only teaches Python, HTML, SQL, and JavaScript, but also provides training in technical activism, such as diversity and inclusion, leadership, and advocacy, just to name a few.

Code Academy | Bay Valley Tech

Bay Valley Tech offers free weekly online classes of self-paced online courses for seven months. HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and Node.js are among the in-demand web development skills taught during the online coding bootcamp.

Introduction to HTML and CSS | codecademy

One of the best free coding bootcamps available is Codecademy. Codecademy offers a variety of courses, including courses in web development. These courses are designed to teach you the basics of web development and can help you decide if this is the career path for you.

After completing the HTML and Ruby beginner courses, you can continue with intermediate classes in CSS, PHP, the React library, Node.js, p5.js, and AngularJS. These courses can help you progress in your career.

Full Stack Development Boot Camp | Code platoon

Code Platoon is a non-profit coding boot camp in Chicago, Illinois that provides technical training and job placement to veterans and military spouses transitioning into the civilian market. Code Platoon offers training in coding skills.

You can attend both programs in person or via video conference wherever you are, but only the program at your own pace is free. Students are taught technical skills that utilize the critical skills of problem solving, teamwork and discipline. Students learn full-stack web programming using the Code Platoon curriculum, including Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Free Introduction to Coding | Iron School

Flatiron School’s full bootcamp programs include tuition. The school offers several free courses that cover the fundamental skills of coding. Flatiron School offers free courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby and more.

Web Development Boot Camp | Frontend Masters

This 21-hour bootcamp focuses on teaching introductory coding courses, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The course is available online. These programming language courses are the most sought after. The most popular programming language used in 2021 was JavaScript, according to Statista.

Future Code NYC | Full Stack Academy

Fullstack Academy offers a free immersive online bootcamp to eligible New Yorkers. The curriculum is designed to prepare New Yorkers without prior professional web development expertise for a web development career. According to Glassdoor, web developers earn an average salary of $97,980 per year.

You do not need any coding experience to apply. Future Code aims to increase the number of web developers in New York City, especially among Black and Latino New Yorkers, by providing free training, career coaching and job placement.

Full stack software development | Mississippi Coding Academies

At numerous campus locations in Jackson, Starkville and South Jackson, Mississippi, Coding Academies offers a 44-week Full Stack Software Development Bootcamp. Students in Full Stack Software Development learn to code through coding projects.

Experienced developers will analyze and review the bootcamp work. All students are welcome to attend the full-stack development bootcamp. It is not necessary to have any previous coding experience. Mississippi students are entitled to free tuition.

Resilient Boot Camp | Resilient Coders

In Boston, Massachusetts, Resilient Coders offers a free, full-time, 14-week JavaScript coding bootcamp. With courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Node, and MongoDB, the bootcamp prepares young people of color for internships and high-growth software engineering professions.

Industry professionals also train students in soft skills, such as communication strategies, speaking advice, responsibility and time management best practices, and technical skills.

Free coding camp | SkillCrush

Skillcrush is an online coding design school that started in 2012. Skillcrush offers a free online program that prepares students for entry-level front-end development and design careers. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, user experience, visual design basics, and more are all covered in the curriculum. This program also empowers students to use WordPress.

Best Free Web Development Courses

  • Algorithm preparation † Coding Dojo† Coding Dojo’s Algorithm training platform will help you build your coding muscles. The Algorithm Training Platform guides you through increasingly complex challenges as you progress through the levels. After each task, an instructor video shows how they would solve the algorithm in their own time.
  • Programming for Everyone (Getting Started with Python) | coursera† Coursera offers plenty of free web development courses, but this course is a complete guide to your coding journey.
  • Introduction to HTML/CSS: Creating Web Pages | Khan Academy† The Introduction to HTML/CSS course includes a series of self-guided lessons, where professionals provide voice and video instruction on how to use HTML and CSS. It also uses interactive windows on the screen to display the code and run the results as the story is delivered.
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming | MIT Open Course Materials† This course teaches the Python programming language. The aim of the course is to give students a better understanding of how computers can help them solve problems. It is also intended to give students confidence in their technical skills.
  • Getting started with the Internet | Mozilla Developer Network† Mozilla Developer Network is a tool created by Mozilla, the team behind the Firefox browser. These tools are ideal for people who want to take in information and learn best by reading words and seeing examples on the page. The topics covered are diverse, from simple web launches and front-end languages ​​to optimization and performance.

Learn Free Web Development: Other Resources

  • free codecamp† Freecodecamp is an open-source online coding bootcamp that offers free instruction and certification in various web development skills. Web design, front-end development, data visualization, backend programming and API, machine learning, quality assurance, data analytics, information security and more are certifications given by Freecodecamp.
  • HTML reference† HTML Reference is a fantastic online learning resource that contains HTML from the Bulma CSS generator. It contains everything a student needs to know about using HTML in web development.
  • scrmba† Scrmba is a groundbreaking remote program that uses an interactive screencast and live events to teach web development. It offers both free and low-cost, high-quality courses that help you achieve your career goals.
  • The Odin Project† The Odin Project, like Freecodecamp, is an open-source online platform. It includes a full-stack curriculum that will guide you toward a career in programming.
  • W3Schools† W3School offers one of the most comprehensive collections of free online learning resources. It has classes for various programming languages ​​including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, PHP, and others.

FAQs About Free Web Development Boot Camps

Are coding bootcamps legit?

Yes, coding bootcamps is legit. Students can develop in-demand technical skills in a boot camp program, although they are not as comprehensive as a full bachelor’s degree in web development. Many employers are willing to hire coding bootcamp graduates.

Are Free Web Development Boot Camps Worth It?

Yes, free web development boot camps are worthwhile for students who want to master a specialized skill. Keep in mind that you may need additional certifications or a college degree later in your career.

Are Free Web Development Boot Camps Certified?

Some free web development bootcamps are certified, some are not. Some require you to pay for the certificate, while others, such as Ada Developers Academy, give you a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Can I get a job as a web developer just by attending a Bootcamp?

You can get a job as a web developer by attending a boot camp as professionals with these skills are in high demand. Web developers expect job growth of 13 percent over the next decade, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most web development boot camps offer career services to help you launch your career.

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