Free Digital Marketing Boot Camps: Learn Digital Marketing for Free

Digital marketing uses the internet and other online tools to promote products and services. A digital marketing strategy drives profitability using subcategories such as email marketing and social media marketing. A free digital marketing bootcamp teaches you how to use digital marketing tools for different business models.

In this article we discuss a number of free digital marketing bootcamps. We will also cover several free digital marketing courses as well as other resources you can use to improve your digital marketing skills and knowledge.

Free coding bootcamps to learn digital marketing

coding boot camp Free digital marketing program Place Format
Ada Developers Academy Ada Build Live Seattle Hybrid
App Academy Campus Software Engineering Program New York / San Francisco In person
The data incubator Data Science Fellowship New York Online
Founders and programmers Skills Boot Camp London In person
Full Stack Academy Boot camp preparation New York / Chicago Online
Hack Reactor 12 week software engineering immersive Austin Online
Insight Data Science Insight Data Engineering Fellows Program San Francisco Online
Kenzie Academy Specialization in Java Indianapolis Online
skill crush Free coding bootcamp New York Online
Resilient Coders Resilient Boot Camp Boston Online

Best Free Coding Boot Camps to Learn Digital Marketing

Below is a brief description of each of the boot camps listed in the table above. Most of these programs provide a real marketing experience that can be used in a real digital marketing application.

Ada Build Live | Ada Developers Academy

This program teaches the basics of coding to familiarize you enough with programming languages ​​so that you can code complicated websites with the intention of surpassing Google Analytics.

It also teaches effective web search skills that help immensely in assessing the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns. The goal of this bootcamp is to jump-start your career in coding and help you master the art of Googling.

Campus Software Engineering Program | App Academy

The Campus Software Engineering program aims to provide you with advanced skills in coding via Ruby, Javascript, and Python. It can be called a free digital marketing bootcamp as it helps you build a distinctive portfolio with a wide range of skills needed to create a brand’s online presence.

It also provides job search guidance related to search engine marketing and includes hands-on projects to help you get a better handle on digital marketing skills. Participants who graduated from this boot camp in 2019 were hired in an average of five months, with average starting salaries of $86,900 in New York and $104,000 in San Francisco.

Data Science Fellowship | The data incubator

The Data Science Fellowship program is led by graduates of MIT, Harvard, and other world-renowned educational institutions. The program improves your career prospects by allowing you to work with a career coach who will help you build a perfect resume to make you shine in front of potential employers.

It is considered a free digital marketing bootcamp because it gives you the chance to become a future digital marketing employee by gaining proficiency in marketing strategy by analyzing real-world data sets and complicated machine learning using coding software.

Skills Boot Camp | Founders and programmers

Based in London, this exclusive free digital marketing bootcamp focuses on providing advanced knowledge about how HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git/GitHub and comprehensive project management work. By participating in this bootcamp, you will become well-versed in the world of search ads, analytics, and social media advertising.

Boot camp preparation | Full Stack Academy

This program is designed to teach you the true meaning and functions of a diverse list of data types. It aims to make you proficient in working with multidimensional arrays and nested loops to conduct digital marketing for different business models to run successful ad campaigns.

This is more of a preparation course than a full-fledged free digital marketing bootcamp. As part of this preparation course, you’ll also receive career coaching to help you find high-paying apprenticeships and other social advertising jobs to quickly reach your career goals.

12 week software engineering immersive | Hack Reactor

This program guides you in innovative ways to earn through digital channels with Hack Reactor career services. It aims to make you proficient in in-demand technical skills and to learn how to solve complex queries through coding by applying your marketing skills to ad serving.

You will learn how to run successful campaigns related to Google Ads by applying JavaScript knowledge in practice.

Insight Data Engineering Fellows Program | Insight Data Science

The Data Engineering program coaches you in building real-world data science solutions by interpreting complex meanings and executing a digital marketing campaign with incredibly accurately predicted results. You will learn to use various digital marketing tools to make full use of data technologies by gaining hands-on online experience on the subject.

Kenzie Free | Kenzie Academy

In this free digital marketing bootcamp, you’ll gain experience in a curriculum formed by professionals experienced in working with real-world Google, Linkedin, and Zillow analytics. By applying Java knowledge to understand how HTML and CSS work and get real-time results, you can secure digital marketing tasks.

Free coding bootcamp | skill crush

This bootcamp is designed to make you fluent in the languages ​​of HTML and CSS by giving you access to real-world data related to domains, web hosting and FTP. It teaches you how to use responsive typography efficiently, helping you create more effective landing pages as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Many of those who participate in this bootcamp can get full-time jobs within months of successfully completing a full-time job. That’s because this bootcamp will guide you to fully leverage your digital marketing efforts into your professional career – a skill that will be reflected in your interviews with potential employers.

Resilient Boot Camp | Resilient Coders

By giving you a combination of core skills and soft skills in HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React and Node, Resilient Bootcamp ensures a successful future in marketing automation. At Resilient Coders, marketing experts build different marketing teams for each marketing process to teach efficiency and accuracy.

Best Free Digital Marketing Courses

  • Specialization in digital marketing | coursera† Gain a combination of foundational knowledge and a multidisciplinary approach to understanding automated workflows using this course, offered as one of the free digital marketing courses on Coursera.
  • “Do It Yourself” DIY Digital Marketing: A Complete Guide† Learn several easy-to-implement digital marketing tactics that help you monetize your products, capture business leads, sell digital downloads, create email sequences, and more.
  • Free basic digital marketing course† This free course clarifies your concepts on digital marketing best practices, especially in email campaigns, personal branding, and landing page building.
  • Meta Social Media Marketing | coursera† Earn a professional certificate for Meta social media marketing by choosing this course from the free digital marketing courses available online. Learn to effectively follow Google trends by applying more than just basic knowledge about the world of social media.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization | coursera† Learn to incorporate search engine optimization strategies into any business plan you want to follow as part of your business. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how SEO delivers results and helps regulate a clean digital strategy.

Learn Digital Marketing for Free: Other Resources

  • copy blogger† This blog provides the information in free digital marketing courses in the form of a simple lecture. The blog format of this site teaches one to become a leader in the digital economy and take a deeper dive into the world of digital marketing.
  • google garage† The fundamentals of digital marketing on Google Garage is a strong comparison to online courses on the same subject as it provides the basic skills and practical skills of a digital marketer.
  • Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO† From the plethora of options the MOZ academy offers to learn digital marketing, this short certification takes a few days to complete and teaches you the basics of a nano digital marketing degree. It provides essential knowledge and tells about the tools needed when conducting search marketing.
  • Search Engine Country† Search Engine Land is an online blog dedicated to talking exclusively about the trends in digital marketing. A consistent reading of this resource is intended to impart knowledge on how to optimize conversion rates through various digital marketing languages.
  • learn solo† Python Core on Sololearn is an online platform dedicated to making information about coding and all related aspects freely accessible. It is a commentary on the digital industry that gives people insights that prove to be useful in conducting digital marketing.

Free Digital Marketing Boot Camp FAQs

Why is digital marketing important?

It is important because it provides a means of communication between a company and its acquired and potential customers, without distance or time being a major barrier. A digital marketing strategy helps a company increase customer engagement and access more audiences to increase sales.

What digital marketing skills are in demand?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most in-demand skills today. According to Statista, SEO is the third most in-demand skill for content marketing. Strategy is the most in-demand skill and social media is the second most in-demand. A good understanding of SEO will enable you to devise an effective content strategy, which in turn will help boost conversions on your website and social media.

Are Digital Marketing Courses Worth It?

Yes, digital marketing courses are definitely worth the time and effort you should put into it. Once you earn a master’s degree in digital and content marketing, the rewards are high in terms of career opportunities and the resulting salaries. According to ZipRecruiter, the median salary for digital marketing professionals is $60,583 per year.

Can Free Digital Marketing Boot Camps Replace Traditional Learning?

Free digital marketing bootcamps and free digital marketing courses cannot completely replace traditional teaching methods. However, they have become dependent on each other. A free digital marketing bootcamp may provide you with in-depth practical training on a particular subject, while a digital marketing bachelor’s degree can teach you theoretical concepts.

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