Do you want to develop your data skills? Here’s how to participate in Lighthouse Labs’ 21-Day Data Challenge

Want to boost your job prospects in today’s digital world? Well, it turns out there’s a secret to becoming a more employable worker: data literacy, or the ability to read, write, and communicate data.

Contrary to popular belief, data skills are no longer just for data scientists and analysts. With data becoming the ‘new oil’ of the digital economy, everyone can benefit from understanding at least the basics of data and knowing how to use it to optimize their work.

So, where do you start? Well, you can always start with YouTube tutorials, textbooks or even online blogs. The problem is that passive learning is not really effective in the long run.

In response, tech bootcamp Lighthouse Labs is bringing back its popular learning alternative: the 21-Day Data Challenge. The 21-Day Data Challenge (#21DDC) combines fun with hands-on training. Simply put, you can play a game alone or with your peers while building your data skills in 21 days. Extra perks: you can do all this for free and you can even win daily prizes!

Knowing more? Read on as we walk you through the ins and outs of this data challenge: who can participate, how to participate and why you should join.

You can learn data skills while having fun and win daily prizes with Lighthouse Labs’ 21 Day Data Challenge. It’s free for everyone!

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What is Lighthouse Labs’ 21-Day Data Challenge?

Lighthouse Labs’ 21-Day Data Challenge is an event designed to hone your fundamental data skills in Python, SQL, and Pandas through everyday practice. This year’s Data Challenge will run from April 11, 2022 to May 1, 2022, as you take on the role of Dot, the game’s protagonist, and travel the world completing 30-minute data challenges every day for 21 days. unload.

“The challenges are focused on developing core skills that every data scientist and data analyst should have. They also aim to open doors to more advanced data topics. We will also preview the last few challenges to motivate participants to continue their studies,” said Juraj Kapasny, data scientist at Lighthouse Labs, who also developed this year’s 21-day data challenge.

Lighthouse Labs has spent the past two years training students to become job-ready data professionals through its Data Science Bootcamp. And 2022 also marks the second year of ongoing data challenges. So expect unique challenges in this year’s #21DDC event.

Keep in mind that you will be given two tries to complete each challenge, after which you will be shown the solution. You can then view the challenges, but not answer them again. Challenges are categorized by difficulty: easy, medium and hard. Each completed challenge entitles you to participate in the daily prize draw.

Each challenge level also comes with an assigned number of points: 5 points for Easy, 10 points for Intermediate, and 20 points for Hard. The more points you earn, the more entries you can add to the grand prize draw. Meanwhile, the four finalist prizes will be awarded to the participants with the most points.

After 21 days you will have insight into the following:

  • How Jupyter Notebooks and Python Work
  • Create variables in Python with the correct data type;
  • What Simple Descriptive Statistics Is And How To Calculate It In Python;
  • How to apply Pandas library to extract essential information from the dataset; and
  • How to use data visualization techniques to tell the story of the data.

Who can join the Lighthouse Labs 21-Day Data Challenge?

Lighthouse Labs’ 21-day data challenge is open to everyone, so beginners and professionals alike are encouraged to participate. That said, because challenges require some basic knowledge of data science and analysis, beginners need to plan and practice to have a real chance of completing the challenges and winning the prizes.

You don’t have to look far for exercise tools and resources. Lighthouse Labs will make sure you have the relevant materials to prepare. By registering for the Data Challenge itself, you will receive Lighthouse Labs content with resources to help you prepare. And if you’re someone who already has relevant experience, you can use these resources to hone your skills.

You can also explore Lighthouse Labs’ free Python course to learn the basics. In addition, you can get hints and tips from other participants and the Lighthouse Labs mentoring team when you join the community forum. Participants will receive an email notification when the forum goes live.

How can I participate in the Lighthouse Labs 21-Day Data Challenge?

Start by filling out the 21-Day Data Challenge registration form on the Lighthouse Labs website. Don’t worry, it’s free. So you can invite your friends to join too, and you can form a team of four. That’s four times more fun because you don’t have to complete the challenge alone and your team can collect points to win the team reward.

Even if you don’t have a team, you won’t be alone on your journey as you will have access to the 21-Day Data Challenge forum where you can connect with other participants.

Lighthouse Labs’ 21-Day Data Challenge Awards

Learning is great, but sometimes you need a little boost to stay motivated. That’s why there are many prizes to be won in Lighthouse Labs’ 21-Day Data Challenge. At the end of it, you will not only acquire data skills, but you will also have a chance to win fantastic prizes.

To score daily prizes, you must complete a challenge every day. During the process, you will also earn points that will allow you to win additional entries for the top prize. If you are one of the four participants with the most points, you have a chance to win one of the finalist prizes. Finally, each winning team member will also receive Best Buy gift cards.

Below are the details of the prices:

  • Grand prize: $4,000 Voucher to Build Your Dream Vacation
  • 4 Finalist Awards: Go Electric Bike, AirPods Pro, iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch
  • Daily prices: Gift cards from $20 to $50 (Amazon, Best Buy, EB Games, etc.)
  • Team Prize: $400 gift card at Best Buy awarded to every member

Build your data literacy in 21 days

The future is data-driven. Lighthouse Labs’ close collaboration with partners enables them to understand exactly which skills are essential in the world of data. Armed with such knowledge, they design their Data Science Bootcamp to teach students industry-relevant skills. The same goes for their 21-day data challenge, where participants can practice skills the market needs.

Discover the world of data in 21 days and win exciting prizes! Registration is now open, so sign up and get started with the preparations. Register for free!

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