Deep Dive: Take charge of your job search with Teal

Oftentimes, the job search starts with scouring online job boards like LinkedIn and Glassdoor to find a vacancy that ticks all the boxes. A few window tabs and dozens of bookmarks later, you’re sending your resume, hoping for the best.

With a bit of luck, you can get an interview with your dream company. But more often than not, this method doesn’t work. In fact, for every 250 applications per vacancy, only four applicants are called for an interview – a high improbability that can discourage many.

But what if there was a better way to take control of your job search and increase your job prospects from the get-go? Teal, an online job search platform, is making this “what if” a reality.

Teal is an online platform built to equip job seekers with the tools and resources to efficiently manage their job search.

Shorten your job search with Teal.

What is blue-green?

Teal is an online platform built to help job seekers meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive job market. It grew out of the personal mission of Dave Fano, CEO and founder of Teal, to “revivify the culture of a workplace and find out what it means to be fulfilled at work.”

The moment Teal was found arose from Dave’s realization of the lack of resources employees have when it comes to navigating their long-term careers.

He shares: “Companies have resources like applicant tracking systems, recruiters and comp databases, but the individual has nothing – maybe just access to a coach and Google. There had to be an HR department for everyone – a way to make career growth accessible to people , so they can take control of something that sustains so much of their lives.”

Teal plays an important role in redefining how professionals can find fulfilling jobs. In Dave’s words, Teal provides “the infrastructure, tooling and resources” [you’ll need] to confidently pursue the things that are exciting [you]†

So, how exactly can you use Teal to your advantage?

How the Teal Job Search Tracker works

Throughout the career growth cycle, Teal helps its users stay authentic to what they want by leveraging the platform’s infrastructure, resources, and tools.

1. Search and bookmark jobs while working with Teal’s Job Tracker

We’ve all been there. After searching job postings, you will get an overwhelming list of links and bookmarked job postings. It’s easy to lose track of these messages and get on with your application plan.

With Teal’s Job Tracker, you can automatically save jobs from multiple job boards and manage them all in one space with just a few clicks. Plus, this smart Chrome extension works with major job boards so you can track all your applications in one main dashboard.

2. Manage your schedule and application progress

Teal members save all their vacancies in a user-friendly dashboard.

You can easily add important notes, schedule follow-ups and set reminders, track your application status, and see everything you need at a glance. That’s not all. If you struggle with composing professional emails, Teal offers well-tailored and customizable email and cover letter templates that you can quickly edit before sending to potential employers.

3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Having an online presence is essential if you want to get your name out there and network with the right people. LinkedIn is a popular route. With its extensive community of professionals and companies, LinkedIn serves as a great foundation to build your personal brand. And this point is more important given that hiring managers find 85 percent of their talent through networking.

Are you struggling with how to make your LinkedIn profile visible?

Teal’s LinkedIn Review tool is a great starting point for optimizing your profile. The LinkedIn Review tool can scan your profile, determine which areas are missing and make custom suggestions for improvement. With this tool, you are more likely to grab the attention of hiring managers and recruiters and find jobs that closely match your profile!

4. Put your resume on the pile

Due to the plethora of applications being sent to companies, many have integrated the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into their hiring process. The system scans resumes and extracts keywords that match the hiring requirements.

While ATS speeds up the hiring process, it makes it harder for your application to be seen. For example, well-crafted resumes with graphics, shapes, and non-traditional formats are often discarded because they aren’t compatible with the ATS.

You can create resumes through Teal’s Resume Builder that highlight your strengths and milestones in an ATS-friendly format. The tool can also scan keywords from job openings and indicate which ones to include on your resume.

5. Access helpful tips from career experts

Teal goes beyond providing comprehensive support through a rich collection of tips and advice from career experts. Hone your skills and improve your interview or learn how to negotiate your compensation package through Teal’s library of on-demand video content and workshops.

6. Learn how to work and maximize your strengths

Understanding your work style or career personality is helpful in discovering which tasks you excel at, how you approach them, how you collaborate with others, and areas where you can improve.

Get to know yourself better by taking Teal’s Work Styles Quiz. In three to five minutes, this tool gives you in-depth insight into your professional strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your work style will help you better understand which jobs to apply for.

A bonus: Hiring managers usually ask about an applicant’s work style to know if it fits with the company culture. Knowing your work style in advance can prepare you to answer this question.

Your job search made easier with Teal

Teal remains committed to its mission of making job searches more accessible by offering free access to its services. You can test the platform by connecting with the Teal community, watching a robust library of on-demand workshops and videos, and accessing a collection of free tools that can boost your career.

To date, Teal has over 50,000 users with a global presence spanning the US, Canada, UK, Singapore and Australia, among others. Teal users have also successfully found jobs at leading companies such as Masterclass and Asana.

Dave reiterates that, “[Teal exists] to enable people to turn their passions into professions and their aspirations into reality.” Create a free Teal account now to get started.

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