Can you get a job after Boca Code? An overview of Tech Bootcamp’s job results

Workers in many industries were comfortable with their nine-to-five routine, while organizations had little plans for a change of work structure until the global emergency of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the heat of the pandemic, large organizations strove to sustain their operations, while many small businesses went bankrupt as a result of drastic and unavoidable changes in the workplace.

In addition, tech employers began to observe intense skills shortages while coping with the pandemic. In 2021, there was a global shortage of 40 million skilled workers, and by 2030 this number is expected to exceed 85 million tips.

Employers need experienced tech talents to bridge this gap. That’s why tech bootcamp Boca Code focuses its training on turning students into career-ready professionals who can build innovative business solutions. The coding school does not carry out its mission without past results. The results of the work clearly highlight the impact of his achievements to date.

Join us as we dive into Boca Code’s job results report so you can find out if the bootcamp is right for you.

Boca Code offers a comprehensive curriculum, career support services, and employment opportunities through recruiting partnerships to ease your technology transition.

Get started with Boca Code.

Job Results from Boca Code

Boca Code is a unique coding school where students learn in-demand technical skills and receive robust job support to break into technology. Whether you want to learn in person or online, you can take advantage of Boca Code’s flexible part-time and full-time training programs.

You’ll undergo in-depth training while handling an industry-aligned curriculum hand-in-hand with senior mentors. Right now, the results speak volumes, and Boca Code’s track record data shows impressive numbers and the positive impact of its programs. Since its inception in 2020, Boca Code has reported the following results:

  • Total number of graduates: 42
  • Placement rate: 97.6% (within 90 days for job seekers)
  • Average time from graduation to landing a job: 35 days
  • Average Salary of Boca Code Graduates: $75,000

3 Features Behind Boca Code’s Track Results

Boca Code works to build job-ready graduates and equip them with relevant technical skills to make an impact as they enter the industry. This is possible thanks to three crucial features: industry-oriented training, career development services and partnership with employers.

Industry-oriented training

Boca Code understands the needs of the tech industry and designs its programs to meet them. For example, the Software Engineering Career Track trains students in developing functional web applications that are compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Students also gain hands-on coding experience while tackling business problems with guidance from senior software engineers.

Career Building Services

Robust career support services can provide a rewarding job search experience. Boca Code teaches you how to showcase your brilliant skills by building an engaging technology portfolio. This supports skills in your resume and gives employers confidence in your abilities.

You will also learn effective conversation techniques to strongly underline your skills. The school also brings in key guest speakers from the community to meet with the students and take the students to regional networking events.

“Over the past week, students are presenting their graduation projects to hiring managers and we have a two-day recruiting fair where they interview directly with companies. Our services don’t end there. As part of our family, we will continue to provide mentorship and career services indefinitely,” said Todd Albert, Founder and Chief Instructor.

Employer Partnership

Students can explore work or internship opportunities through Boca Code’s 300+ recruiting partners, including Microsoft, TechStrong, Watsco, and Office Depot. It’s a win-win solution because partners have access to a pool of new talent, ready to take on the junior developer role once they graduate.

Partners also organize staff fairs and career expos to fill vacancies within their organization. These are just some of the ways Boca Code’s employer partnership initiative is bridging the gap between the workforce and skilled tech talent.

Boca Code Reviews: Is It Worth It?

Boca Code paves the way for students to grow their careers with greater ease. You’ve seen the impressive job results and unique features of the coding school, and now it’s time to hear directly from the graduates of Boca Code.

Jarue Johnson

For Jarue Johnson, it was a surreal experience to spend less than four months at Boca Code to land a software engineering role that normally takes four years in college. What was once a dream became a lived experience when Jarue broke into engineering less than 30 days after graduating.

This career success stems from Boca Code’s hands-on lessons in specific technologies and core engineering concepts. At Boca Code, you adapt an engineering mentality so that you can break down complex problems into pieces and solve them with the right method.

Understanding the basics and methodologies of coding and engineering allowed Jarue to tackle new problems, learn and grow on the job.

“I’d say if you’re seriously considering a career switch in tech, Boca Code is definitely a place that will help you do that,” Jarue says.

Skarzold Bellingar

Some say a trial might convince you, but sometimes we get a little more than that. A recruiter with more than two decades of hiring experience and no code academy staff took a new stance when she met Boca Code.

Robin deLisser, director of talent acquisition at GRUBBRR, recognized that Boca Code’s technical talent possesses modern and relevant skills, which sets them apart from other bootcamp graduates. This is possible thanks to the thorough training that students receive at Boca Code.

For Skarzold, Boca Code’s employer partnerships fueled his career, connecting him with job opportunities. But in addition, he acquired technical skills that made a big impression on his employers.

“They taught me how to learn the answers if I don’t already have them. That said, when I started working here at GRUBBRR I was more than fully prepared for anything because if I wasn’t prepared I knew how to prepare.”

Build your career with Boca Code

Launching your desired tech career is possible with Boca Code. Like Jarue, you can go from a code newbie to a brilliant employee in no time. To get started, Boca Code provides everything you need: a comprehensive curriculum, career support services, and employment opportunities through recruiting partnerships. Apply to Boca Code today.

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