Boca Code bets big on women and web3

There is a growing discussion about a new web with promising innovations and fundamental changes in the current web. The new web, known as Web3, is built on blockchain technology and gives users control over their data while ensuring greater privacy.

It also has a flexible entry point, a favorable factor for open source developers who can work on it at any time. Given its features, Web3 has already sparked the interest of many. In 2021 alone, 65 percent of active Web3 developers joined the space.

While we are still at an early stage, we are already taking advantage of Web3 through innovations such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and the now popular nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Web3 also supports decentralization, transferring the power of the modern web – Web 2.0 – from large companies to people around the world.

Given the growth opportunities in the coming years, Boca Code aims to play a facilitating role in providing a Web3-focused program for professionals looking to tap into this segment. The program promises to accommodate underrepresented groups in technology, especially women, to create a more diverse web community. To further encourage this, the code school will fundraise through partnership projects to offer scholarships to aspiring female technical workers.

Read on to learn more about Boca Code’s upcoming initiatives.

Boca Code’s programs open opportunities for more underrepresented learners, especially women, to gain valuable skills and explore the Web3 space.

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What Boca Code is building in the Web3 space

Coding School Boca Code positions itself to contribute to the Web3 space through three unique innovations:

  • Web3 Advanced Course for Software Engineers
  • Project Women Helping Women
  • NFT projects

Web3 Advanced Course for Software Engineers

Boca Code is currently developing Web3 courses and projects that teach students to build decentralized applications, smart contracts, crypto tokens, and other viable blockchain-related products. Students who want to become software engineers can also use their education in the program to double as Web3 developers and enjoy a six-figure salary.

Women help women project

Big companies and startups are injecting their branded products into Web3 communities. However, Boca Code does not attempt to replenish its stock of digital products. Instead, the code school aims to build more diverse and inclusive Web3 communities around the world.

To do this, Boca Code focuses on empowering women by providing them with tools to break into Web3. Boca Code partners with female artists in the Web3 space to create and sell NFTs.

A large percentage of the revenue would go to a foundation that provides scholarships to women who want to start a career in software engineering. The remaining amount goes to the artists to accelerate their career. The hope is that this NFT project will help provide up to 80 full scholarships for women each year to support them in their journey to become software engineers.

Boca Code NFT Projects

Boca Code partners with key players in technology, artists, musicians, athletes, celebrities and some of the blockchains, marketplaces and top Web3 projects themselves to build incredible NFT projects that are planned to bring more adoption and users to Web3.

fair poker

If you like to play poker but don’t like the risks of the game, this partnership with Boca Code might be for you. Boca Code has built Honest Poker in partnership with Honest Labs, MagicEden, Polygon and Solana, among other DAOs and NFT projects. Honest Poker is Boca Code’s native play-to-earn (p2e) poker platform that collects NFT projects across various blockchains, allowing people to earn real money for playing poker. No risk of loss, just great fun.

Frenchie Ballers

Frenchie Baller is an NFT project built on the Ethereum blockchain and includes a VR p2e basketball game. This project stems from Boca Code’s collaboration with industry players such as One Digital, Big League Exotics, Honest Labs, Kendrick Perkins, Carry On, Wing Stop and Shaquille O’Neal.

Kelvin Kalllaugher Art Sales

Want to participate in an art auction? Boca Code partners with Kelvin Kallaugher, aka KAL and his contributions as a political cartoonist for The Baltimore Sun and The Economist (London)† The auction will feature original works by KAL.

Join Boca Code to build the Web3 space

Boca Code sees Web3 as the future web and girds itself to participate in it. This is why the code school plans to expand its curriculum to include web3 courses, provide scholarships that enable women’s participation in the space, and build functional projects for greater blockchain adoption.

Ready to build blockchain and Web3 products? Join Boca Code today.

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