Best Entry Level Tech Jobs 2020: High Paying IT Jobs

Everyone wants a career that pays well, but finding a high paying entry-level job can be difficult in most markets. Fortunately, this is not the case for the tech industry. Even outside of Silicon Valley, there are plenty of high-paying entry-level tech jobs.

Two of the main attractions of technology careers are their high salaries and excellent career mobility. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics makes it clear that the need for jobs in technology is growing rapidly. People who work with computer systems can find a job almost anywhere. From technical support to software engineering, entry-level positions can be found everywhere.

In this guide, we’ll show you which tech jobs will get you an excellent salary, even if you have little or no experience. We’ve researched Glassdoor’s salary charts and have the facts and figures to point you in the right direction.

The 4 Best Entry-Level Tech Jobs for 2021

You may be wondering how much an entry-level IT job pays. Technology careers are unique in that they allow graduates and undergraduates alike to make six figures quickly. When you start your engineering career, you expect to earn a decent income. But which entry-level technical jobs offer the highest starting salaries?

Four of the best and highest paying entry-level IT jobs are:

  • web designer

  • social media manager

  • web developer

  • Data analyst

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these lucrative careers.

1. Web Designer

You might be intimidated by the thought of designing websites if you have no previous experience in software engineering. But you’d be surprised how easy it is to get started in the field. With an eye for aesthetics and an understanding of end-user behavior and expectations, you can land a good job as a web designer with an attractive starting salary.

Web design has a bit of the training aspect of apprentice-traveler-master. So you can easily find a junior web designer gig that allows you to learn at the feet of a seasoned professional.

“ailCFH came into my life when I needed it most and quickly helped me through a boot camp. Two months after graduating, I found my dream job that matched my values ​​and goals in life!”

Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

An entry-level web designer at work

Entry level web designers are in high demand.

Web developers create websites, improve user experience, and update systems to help businesses manage their online presence. Communication skills are a must in this position as all software developers must communicate effectively with the entire engineering team.

Junior web designers make about $50,000 a year when they start out. But your pay will rise quickly as you build design experience. You should train yourself before taking a web design position. Earning a degree in computer science or attending a boot camp will give you the skills you need. You can also take the training yourself by learning how to use the Adobe Creative Suite and HTML and CSS.

2. Social Media Management

This feature, like many others in the tech industry, did not exist until recently. Social media has recently become the emerging leader in new business technology and there is a serious lack of people who know how to take advantage of it.

People who can effectively shape a company’s social media profile and message are like gold to modern companies. As a social media manager you can find yourself on the first floor of this business revolution. Social media managers are not just customer service; they help to build an online brand presence, which is essential these days.

Since the field of social media is so new, you don’t need much experience to find a good gig. You should be adept at accessing reports and data to support or guide your posts, and you should be comfortable working with social calendars.

Familiarize yourself with growth strategy patterns and make sure you also have solid writing, communication, and planning tools. You make about $50,000 a year as a social media manager, although your experience will determine your pay to some degree.

3. Web Developer

Problem solvers and visually oriented people often thrive in a web development position. If you’re interested in design, you might also be a good fit for a career as a web developer. Unlike a web designer, a web developer works with the nuts and bolts needed to build a website. As a web developer you become familiar with what is involved in building a website, from soup to nuts.

An entry-level web developer at work

Entry level web developers are crucial to the web development process.

Junior web developers usually work directly under senior developers to learn the skills and processes needed to create modern websites. As a new web developer, you will earn an annual salary of about $55,000, although that will change quickly as you add knowledge and experience.

Becoming a web developer requires an understanding of popular coding languages ​​such as CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails, just to name a few. To gain that knowledge, you can choose to study alone or attend a coding bootcamp.

4. Data Analyst

In today’s business environment, data is king. The more information a company has about its customers, their preferences and their buying behavior, the more flexible and responsive it can be in responding to changing needs.

Data analysts are key to the data acquisition cycle. They identify data to collect and ensure it is properly analysed, compiled and interpreted so that it can be used to improve business performance. Data analysts often have strong organizational skills.

Entry level data analyst at work

Entry-level data analysts earn handsome salaries.

As a new data analyst, you’ll start with a solid annual salary of around $61,000, which is expected to rise as you gain experience.

Learn XML and JavaScript and also familiarize yourself with segmentation and data mining. It doesn’t hurt to have healthy design skills in addition to your data knowledge, as you need to present your findings in an appealing and user-friendly way.

A final word on entry-level tech jobs

Technology careers are known to pay well, but it’s hard to find one that will get you a good entry-level salary. With this guide, you now know which tech jobs will get you a good salary as an entry-level employee in the technology sector. Soon you will use your technical skills and earn a higher salary.

What’s your take on high paying entry-level tech jobs? Let us know your thoughts in our comments below.

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