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Samsung Electronics knows that the well-being of its employees is a critical part of its overall success. The company also knows that balance is important for its employees to work effectively. As such, his concern for his employees is shown through competitive compensation packages, including several generous Samsung benefits and career growth programs.

In this article we answer the question “what is it like to work at Samsung?” we cover Samsung Employee Benefits, Samsung Bonuses, Samsung Rewards and many more great benefits. One of the biggest business challenges companies face today is employee retention, and Samsung is doing its best to ensure that employees feel both fulfilled and valued while working for the company. Read more about how Samsung does this below.

Samsung overview

Samsung, a South Korean company with a wide range of subsidiaries, is headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. The company’s history began in 1938 when Lee Byung-Chull founded a small trading company that produced noodles and sold basic groceries. It entered the electronics industry in 1960.

Fast forward to today and Samsung Electronics is in the top five of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list with impressive business achievements and products as iconic as the Samsung Galaxy mobile device. The company now has locations around the world and a wide range of products and services, as well as major community programs aimed at helping people lead more balanced lives.

Samsung Average Salary, Benefits and Employee Benefits

This section discusses the salaries and exclusive benefits of Samsung Electronics for employees. Samsung is showing its concern for employees by offering quality benefits, including insurance in a variety of options and comprehensive health benefits. Transportation allowance, subsidized meals and other benefits and discounts are also available. In addition, it offers home, financial and retirement plans.

Samsung Salaries

According to Payscale, the average salary of Samsung employees is $97,000 per year. Typical fees range from an average of $52,487 to $172,714. The position with the highest average annual salary of $137,343 is senior software engineer, while a process engineer has a lower average annual salary of $87,670.

Samsung Employee Benefits

401(k) subscription

This Samsung benefit supports employees’ financial well-being by saving money for their retirement plan. Samsung employees can save part of their salary and the company will contribute to match a certain amount. This benefit is only available to employees in the US.

Paid leave

Samsung offers generous paid time off (PTO) to its permanent and full-time employees. The company has a policy of offering 20 PTO days per year, which increase with employment. These days are given in addition to the company holidays. Employees can also redeem their days if they don’t use them.

Student loan support

Samsung helps pay off employees’ student debt through annual contributions. The company offers its employees assistance in paying their student or Parent PLUS loans through SoFi, a financial partner of Samsung. Through this partnership, the company launched Samsung Money, a program that offers a cash management account, a physical debit card, and other exclusive benefits.

health savings account

Samsung offers savings for the healthcare costs of its employees with an impressive tax benefit and investment opportunities. In fact, employees can keep this amazing advantage even if they leave Samsung.

Paid childcare leave

Samsung offers parents paid leave to spend with their newborn baby or a child who needs a lot of attention or care. The policy offers a maximum of twelve weeks of fully paid parental leave.

Samsung Bonuses

According to Payscale, Samsung pays an average of $13,265 in employee bonuses annually. Beneficiaries said bonuses range from $10,440 to $23,750 per year. Again, Samsung’s senior software engineers get the highest bonuses averaging $23,750 per year, while process engineers get the lowest bonuses, averaging $10,440 per year.

Samsung employee discount

Samsung employees and their families enjoy employee discounts, special prices and benefits on Samsung products and services through Samsung’s Employee Offers Program. Employees must sign up with their corporate email address and register for the Employee Offers Program through Samsung’s dedicated site.

Other Samsung benefits

Other Samsung benefits include casual wear, free cell phones, transportation or commuting benefits, and tuition or certification fees. Comprehensive Samsung health plans, such as medical plans, as well as dental and vision insurance, are additional benefits for Samsung employees. Incentives such as gym membership fees are also part of the employee benefits.

What is it like to work at Samsung?

As a Samsung employee, you receive additional compensation and exclusive benefits.

At Samsung, you work with a team that boldly experiments every day to make life better for everyone. Samsung’s team is making its work process more productive every day. Every employee contributes to creating a culture of belonging through networking and mentorship.

On Glassdoor, Samsung has a score of 3.8 out of 5. Positive employee reviews said Samsung is a good company with a good salary and excellent benefits. Negative reviews say that the working hours are long and hard.

Samsung work environment

Samsung is committed to providing all its employees with a healthy working environment. The company ensures that the working atmosphere at Samsung is harmonious and that everyone is treated like family and friends. Open communication between team members is always encouraged. Samsung invites everyone to contribute ideas about improving the company.

Samsung work/life balance

Samsung’s work-life balance has a 3.6 out of 5 on Indeed, with many reviewers arguing that the work at Samsung is overwhelming. When it comes to Samsung, the trade-off for all the great benefits and great compensation is the absence of a great work-life balance. The lack of work-life balance is particularly felt by equipment technicians who are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to work for Samsung

Like any other business, working for Samsung comes with challenges. If you have a positive work attitude, you can never go wrong. Below are some tips to help you partner with Samsung successfully and with less stress.

  • Listening skills. Listening is different from just hearing. The purpose of listening is to understand what is being heard. It improves your relationships with your colleagues and improves efficiency at work. You can perform your tasks flawlessly by being attentive to instructions with your good listening skills.
  • Verbal communication. Your verbal communication skills is essential to get your ideas across clearly, both to your subordinates and senior management. Verbal communication is a crucial skill for a harmonious work environment and for maintaining good working relationships with colleagues. At some point, your verbal ability will make or break your pursuit of advancing your career or getting promoted at work.
  • creativity. It is an essential skill for everyone at work. Employers value employees who can envision future possibilities for their company. They are essential people for the growth of any business, including Samsung Electronics.
  • Leadership. Your leadership skills are important to advance your career. Building the ability to motivate employees to do their best is essential. When you have the ability to lead and empower others, you become valuable to the company. You will eventually be given leadership roles once your skills are noticed.
  • Technology. Nowadays you can no longer do without technology. It is already part of almost all offices. Learning and keeping up with technology is therefore essential. Employees will remain dependent on technology and must keep up with the latest trends. So keep yourself technically oriented and up to date.

Jobs you can get at Samsung

Job title Average salary
Samsung Marketing Director $182,444
Senior Software Engineer $145,062
Senior engineer $134,856
Samsung Sales Manager $108,389
Clinical Applications Specialist $95,000
process engineer $81,506
Samsung Field Sales Manager $63,696
Staff accountant $51,500
Samsung sales associate $50,336
Logistics coordinator $48,687

Should you get a job at Samsung?

Yes, a career at Samsung is rewarding not only because of Samsung’s great employee benefits, but also because the company offers career advancement opportunities. Don’t give up if you don’t make it on the first try. Your resilience is noticed and companies like to have resilient employees. You may also consider attending a coding bootcamp to improve your technical skills, which can be your additional qualification.

Samsung Benefits FAQ

Is there also a life insurance benefit for Samsung employees?

Yes, Samsung offers its employees an excellent life insurance program. The policy pays beneficiaries up to three years’ salary. It is one of the best insurance policies for company employees.

What are other exclusive offers for Samsung employees, such as special product offers for employees?

Samsung offers its employees unique and special offers on products such as mobile phones, smart TVs and other technical devices. In addition, employees are eligible for special discounts with Samsung partners.

Are there any jobs available at Samsung for a business professional?

Yes, there are jobs for business professionals at Samsung such as business development manager, business manager, business leader and other business oriented positions.

Are credit cards available to Samsung employees for Samsung products?

For Samsung Electronics business employees, financing options such as leading credit cards are available depending on the country in which you work. As a result, employees enjoy special prices for Samsung products and other benefits. Employees can also purchase products with various other financing options, including interest-free installments.

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