Are you a beginner in data science? Here’s a crash course from NYC Data Science Academy

As a data enthusiast, you may come across these industry-specific terms: big data and data science. You’re more likely to have heard of how companies use them to make more informed decisions. Last year, the big data analytics market was valued at $231.43 billion, an increase of more than $24 billion in just one year. How are companies responding to this huge market?

Data scientists create the necessary models and use big data to improve business operations. Ranked third among the best jobs in America, aspiring data scientists can look forward to positive career prospects as more companies use data to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Want to know more about data science? Data science bootcamp, NYC Data Science Academy (NYCDSA), offers an introductory data science course. It is a program suitable for beginners who want to dip their toes in this growing field. The best part? The course teaches you the fundamental topics in data science for $0.

NYC Data Science Academy offers a free introductory course that teaches fundamental topics and gives you a head start on your journey to become a data professional.

Start learning data science for free with NYC Data Science Academy.

NYC Data Science Academy’s Intro to Data Science Course Review

With more than 5,000 graduates, NYC Data Science Academy continues to provide industry-focused data training through accredited data boot camps and professional courses. Now it extends access to high-quality data training with its new and free Introduction to Data Science course

The Introduction to Data Science course provides detailed lessons on Python data structures, object-oriented programming, and data analysis and visualization. The program is self-paced, meaning you have the freedom and flexibility to learn when it suits you. So, what exactly does the program cover?

Well, the program consists of three units, each addressing the building blocks of data science.

  • Condensation installation. Learn how to install and work with Conda, an environment manager with cross-platform utility. Conda enables data scientists to work effectively with different data tools in isolated environments, avoiding interference that can occur if the tools work in the same environment.
  • Basics of Python. Learn the basics of Python, including data storage, data types, and typecasting. Here you will learn how to assign values ​​to variables and convert them to different forms.
  • Data structures and control flows. Understanding these concepts will help you work effectively with stored data and understand when and how to run dataflow components.

While the course is free, it doesn’t fall short in terms of quality. Two things make this program unique among other free data science courses.

First, it adopts a hands-on approach to mastering data science skills. This means that during the course you will encounter business-oriented data science problems to test and strengthen your understanding of the material.

Second, while learning at your own pace, you still have the opportunity to learn with others through NYCDSA’s interactive community. Enrolling in the course gives you access to a huge community of 7,000 like-minded colleagues, data science professionals, and alumni who can help increase your understanding of the concepts covered and give you a deeper understanding of what it’s like to become a data scientist.

What follows after the Introduction to Data Science course?

After completing the Beginner’s Course and confident in your skills, you can choose to progress to NYC Data Science Academy’s flagship Data Science Bootcamp. This is an accredited and immersive program that provides comprehensive teaching in data science, including classes in machine learning, deep learning, big data, Python, and R.

The good news? Taking NYCDSA’s free Intro to Data Science course speeds up your admission process to the academy’s Data Science Bootcamp. In other words, your request will be given priority, among other things. And since the introductory course builds your fundamental data skills, it is also a good preparation for the intensive training that you will certainly experience in the bootcamp.

To learn more about the Data Science Bootcamp, here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

  • Data Analysis with Python and R† This is currently the only bootcamp that teaches data analysis and visualization using both Python and R, equipping you with statistical analysis and data science skills.
  • Business cases in data science. Learn from a curriculum that includes real-world examples. You will explore data sets using analytics tools to gain valuable insight to improve business operations. This will give you relevant experience and data skills to open up job opportunities.
  • Machine learning I and II. This course teaches guided machine learning (ML), allowing students to understand theoretical concepts with a practical approach. You will learn the mathematical structures of different classical models and build reproducible ML pipelines between different lessons.
  • Data science advanced topics. Improve your data science skills with deep learning and scalability. Lessons on scalability include cloud computing and big data technologies, while deep learning includes model architectures.
  • Capstone project. Solve real business problems using real data sets. You’ll collaborate with other students as you embark on a graduation project, using the techniques and tools you’ve learned to generate valuable business insight.

In addition to the technical training, the bootcamp also comes with built-in career services† That’s right! By enrolling in the bootcamp, you get lifetime access to NYCDSA’s career support. Her services include helping you build an attractive resume and strong professional brand online.

You will also have the chance to join a network of experienced alumni and 500+ recruiting partners through workshops, presentations, career growth meetups and networking events.

Build your data science career today

NYC Data Science Academy has been on the data scene for a long time, equipping students with the skills needed to thrive as data analysts, data scientists, or even machine learning engineers. With its extensive catalog of professional development courses and accredited boot camps, the academy has trained more than 2,000 aspiring data professionals (check out their success stories here and here).

Now it’s promoting access to much-needed data science training through its Intro to Data Science course. In summary, the course is self-paced with eight hours of learning materials, and it doesn’t cost a dime – a perfect soft start to data science. Sign up for free today!

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