6 Reasons You Should Consider Cloud Computing Certification

Every year, more and more companies are opting for the move to cloud computing and to make this transition a success, companies need the help of experts.

However, because cloud computing is still a relatively new computing method, there are very few cloud engineers. That’s where certified cloud practitioners come into play.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of cloud computing certifications and highlight some of their key benefits.

What is Cloud Computing Certification?

Cloud computing certification is an exam that evaluates the competency of a future cloud practitioner. So, contrary to popular belief, going through this process alone will not equip you with cloud skills and knowledge.

But as we’ll discuss in this article, cloud certification is far from unimportant.

Cloud certification exams are usually administered by commercial organizations, although some government agencies offer these types of programs as well.

In addition, several companies offer training as part of the certification process, which is perfect for practitioners who need to improve their skills.

However, you should make sure that the cloud computing certification you are using is legit and recognized by most institutions.

Otherwise, you could be spending hundreds of dollars on a worthless piece of paper.

6 Benefits of Cloud Computing Certification

1. More Potential Jobs

As we have already noted, more and more private companies are moving to cloud computing and one of the key results of this shift is a growing demand for certified cloud technicians.

Therefore, having a cloud computing certification will open many doors for you.

Another advantage of this certification is that not many people have it. Since these references are quite rare, your chances of landing a specialized job will be even higher. In other words, if cloud certification is one of the job requirements, your competition will be small.

2. Better job prospects

When making hiring decisions, employers tend to select applicants with practical and marketable skills — and this is true even if the skills those candidates have are not closely related to the job description.

Therefore, even if the specific job you’re applying for doesn’t outright require cloud certification, this document can still help you get shortlisted for an interview.

The reasons behind this are many. Maybe the company wants to introduce cloud computing in the future, so it needs certified cloud practitioners on board – or maybe the existing cloud platform needs some improvements.

Whatever the reason, your cloud certification will definitely work in your favor.

3. Job security

Another key benefit of cloud computing certification is job security. As most of you know, the IT industry is evolving rapidly year after year.

So IT professionals who fail to evolve with the industry and adapt to new trends risk losing their jobs.

And since cloud computing is the future of the IT industry, cloud certification might just be what you need to keep your dream job.

Of course, you should also improve your cloud computing knowledge as it progresses.

However, certification is still a perfect starting point that sets you apart as a valuable addition to any business.

4. Bigger Salary

While job security is quite important in this economy, salaries are arguably the biggest reason people choose cloud computing as a career path.

And this is no surprise, as both cloud architects and cloud engineers are among the top 15 highest paying jobs in the IT industry!

In addition, several cloud certifications offered by Google and Amazon occupy the top three highest-paid IT certifications.

Therefore, if you are not happy with your current salary, the best thing you can do is get a cloud computing certification.

5. More Promotional Opportunities

As with any specific IT niche, cloud computing offers no shortage of promotional opportunities. And someone with cloud certification will certainly be the first to seize that opportunity.

In fact, this reference can get you the promotion even without extensive previous experience.

Moreover, if you manage to implement or improve cloud computing in your company, promotion is almost inevitable. Most companies struggle during the transition to the cloud.

Therefore, certified cloud practitioners who manage to get their business through these tough times can expect a nice reward, such as a raise and promotion.

6. Conveys professionalism and dedication

Last but not least, earning a cloud computing certification while employed exudes both professionalism and dedication to your business.

More specifically, by expanding your knowledge and skills, you show that you value both yourself and the work you do. And most managers and employers will appreciate that.

In fact, such effort will almost always be rewarded with a raise or other reward and even as a job applicant this certificate will help you convey a certain positive message.

You tell your prospective employer that you are committed to personal and professional growth – and this commitment is certainly something everyone wants from their prospective employees.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article helped you decide whether you want to get cloud computing certification or not. As you can see, this certification is much more than a piece of paper.

It can even significantly improve your business career and help you reach your full potential.

Therefore, consider going through one of the legit certification processes as it can be your ticket to your dream job.

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